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MUST reading for anyone interested in The Da ViNci Code Theories.

NOT EZ reading; a ‘scholarly’ tome translated from French, but well worth it!

£3.99; $NZ 12.95; $AUS 10.95;
CDN 3.50 [on front side];
Goodwill Canada $2

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A relatively painless method to save for treats is to save all your Loonies and/or Toonies….it really adds up!

PLUS – one doesn’t have to carry all that HEAVY change around!

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tainted-angel c
I confess I ADORED this…

Dollarama !!! $3.00

why is it put aside?
My Loonie-Bin Fund?

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I know that I read ONE of these [fairly] recently, and much enjoyed it…but, which one SVP?

Chosen Link:

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…although Rbt. Luddam is deceased.”

I read this ‘in between’ other tomes and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I know I’ve read @ least one other title; left feeling the same.

$USA 9.99; $CDN 10.99/$1

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In Memory of David Leslie Cozens, to whom this book belonged.


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  ©1972; HardCover $6.95

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From my days in nursing school.
I remember the whole class being very upset b/c we [?/rarely] never USED this expensive, required, ~ 3″ tome.  Don’t know how much I’ve used it since, if at all – generally prefer Mosby’s editions.

ll keep it closer to them for a while, and if it’s NOT useful, hopefully I can FreeCycle it; I’ll @ least donate it to charity

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