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Oh, Phyllis

It took DECADES, but there is finally a Casino in Toronto…and near-by Ajax, and…

In the ‘Falls, of course, there are two;  I had hoped this would suffice…

Gambling -PAM prescriptions and NON time-release MORPHINE;
yeah, we’ve got our priorities right…

and now there’s I-still-cant-believe-it DOUG* FORD
more-than -halving [a GROWING] Toronto Council
and scrapping Drive-Clean…

* Freudian proof that I-still-cant-believe…
and i’m an Jungian!

{Important Ed. 2018-10-02}


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Seeking Edward Louis BARASH,
b. 167=957-Aug-07 NYC
Methinks this is yours, ca. Pape. Ave.

Siblings: Sgroi; Axelrod
Mother: Linden; (Lehman)

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First, my beloved Al JOYnes:*; [LINK]; https://www.facebook.com/al.joynes

and then, [moments] ago, I’m told that this is ALSO (John) SKOles’ LAST BROADCAST TODAY (AND i FOUND THIS as the ONLY link [same blogger? – thanks, Mike].


THEN ,THE LAST BLOW: no MORE psychedelic Sunday and/or Andy Frost.  Hw was the biggest cheerleader of the new format; ‘Great Hit & Real Classics’,
but now they just play the same songs over and over and over and over

I’ve been meaning to update THIS link since the date I wrote it**: now i don’t know what to do…TORONTONIANS! NIARARA-ites!


* letter to Tammy Cole, Sales…

Firing Al Joynes?
Are you out of your minds?
This was the best 12-hours in your week!

I have becoming increasingly dis-illusioned w/ your ‘new’ format, e.g., REPLAYING songs and /? more contests. Is this FM or AM?

I feel like i did when Barrie’s TV station was sold; what happened to their collection?

This firing may be the final straw; hokey as it can be, GIANT FM plays more like the “Q-107 I was listening to before it was officially on the air.”

** where SKOles was omitted only b/c I wasn’t sure how to spell his surname…
Skoles vs. the grating voice of “KK”?? NO CONTEST!

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I think I know how Democrats felt post-Trump:


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Ontario PCs choose the path of most resistance with Doug Ford

That’s All Folks!

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1.  Portrait of a Killer; Jack the Ripper Case Closed *

2.  Ripperology, The Best of RipperOLOGIST Magazine (search – Back Issues)

I’ve had this…a whileLABEL: $CDN en francais 6.99

3.  I, Ripper, with an absolutely fabulous Bibliography! [‘just’ read]

4. Stalking the Ripper a d*mn fine yarn! [read ‘recently’]


HELP2, SVP Methinks that magic bookstore may have been The Book BARN!
Maybe my cousin will remember, but TORONTO-NIANS,  PLEASE AGAIN, AM I CORRECT?

* WAS: HELP1, SVP – Where is the book by Patricia Cornwell, the one she HATED writing?  I REALLY enjoyed it AND want to re-read it now…did I read it when I was off-line…UGH!

< 18-03-16 Thank You Spirit…it appeared with  a lot of Scarpetta books!
I can explore my own queries, above AND ReRead the book!!


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I’M fairly certain I picked this up at a shop near the St Lawrence Market [Toronto] what, two decades [!!] ago in Toronto before The Explanade, etc., exploded…


TORONTONIANS: It was large near the South St. Laurence Market Building; HELP ME OUT HERE, SVP!

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b. Montreal 195x
last seen Greektown, Toronto, w/ francophone lover

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originally Aku-Aku

2018-Jan-5th – for TORONTONIANS:
Anybody remember The Last Resort @ 817 Broadview, where you could wash your clothes and book-browse @ the same time…[circa early 1980’s??!]

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$CDN 19.95; purchased Xmas for Kitty?

Inside: Resume: DIXON; TAMARA circa 1983

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That’s Spa-DEE-nah – NOT Spa-DIE-nah

Despite the Shuffle Demons fun song (below),
there is NO HARD ‘I’ sound in Ojibwa
[or Obibway, as it was when i was a kid, circa TImagami].

I’m clearing/re-organizing shelves, and this must’ve been enjoyable or I’d not have kept it.

MY cc is [?/now] cream-coloured;
I have used an ‘enhancement tool’ to attempt to replicate the PHOTOGRAPH.




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