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Scholastic Inc…$1

ADDED:Purchased for discussions w/ my cousin in Brasil

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Egypt in the Age of Cleopatra2
Haven’t read in awhile, but must’ve enjoyed b/c I kept it.

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“COLES the book people $2.50”

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MY cover doesn’t look anything like this; it’s a WHITE CORGI paperback published 1974, and pix are falling out.

Earlier followers will know that I’m nuts about Archaeology and Ancient History, with an abiding interest in all things Egyptian.  I admit to being jealous when a friend’s daughter enrolled in Brock University for same.

If I had it all to do-over…

UK 80p; $Australia 3.50; NZ 2.45; CDN 2.95. This book is now falling apart; it has a Coles label $1.27 handwritten atop in red ink –  Half-Price Books?

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originally Aku-Aku

2018-Jan-5th – for TORONTONIANS:
Anybody remember The Last Resort @ 817 Broadview, where you could wash your clothes and book-browse @ the same time…[circa early 1980’s??!]

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OMG – what a Canadian treasure!


And maybe it’s ’cause I’m a Canuck [though I don’t think so, that] that for ONCE, I was NOT frustrated by the use of ‘foreign” (Cree) words; I think they were all posted IN CONTEXT – versus a PET PEEVE – what the H is wrong with a short footnote!?!

[x] 17-Aug-29 1114h WOW
$CDN 20.00; $1


[pp 361]

I didn’t read this right away because I found them in reverse order and [was in the middle of that ‘change’ [see Response @base]. I think I was also SAVing it; to SAVour it. WHICH I DID!
AND…a trilogy may be in the works!

pp 211 Whiskey-Jack

same $CDN 20.00; $1


But THIS time, I WILL  have ‘google’ [G.B.] some words, particularly in the Acknowledgements [which include Gord Downie…bless you,..]   17-09-23 /?

[SEE ALSO: Aboriginal Ten Commandments]

QUESTION: Why are so many non-francophone Canucks in New Orleans, SVP?  


That’s all folks!

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One of those books you hate to finish;
I’ll definitely be on the lookout for a hardcover
copy  for my library!

2018-01-05…Happy Birthday Ray, Maggie and….
$USA 2.50; used $CDN 1.25…

Do any TORONTONIANS remember Half-Price Books on Bayview?  Everything was just that; HALF the cover-price…what a dream…

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