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I purchased this for my ex-husband, but it never got to him.  I can’t even remember if I’ve read it, but I love HER MUSIC, so I will.


$USA 17.95;
CDN 24.95 (!);
a) Blow-Out 9.99;

b) Special 1.99


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On the River in Motion

  • WAS intended as a repository for extensive .gif collection*
  • NOW songs ftom my 68-year0old cousin in Brasil

* thanx agn mf hacker

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I was shocked to discover @ my last eye exam that I have been BLESSED with uncommonly good eyes for a life-long reader; I can read everything sans ‘top-rows’ sans assistance and need not be reported to our Ministry of Transportation as needing glasses to drive.

Having said that, I WANT to read the following,
but the typeface is just too small for comfort!


I’ve been wanting to read this for AGES!

BUT!! The Bl**dy font is too damn small!!

Have any of you read this, SVP?

Do any of you know what happened to poor Stevie Cameron FOR TELLING THE TRUTH?

Did the most-HATED PM in Canadian history repay us our $MILLION for “Damages?”

Obviously, he taught his daughter, now running for office herself, some tricks – or surely she’d not DARE to ‘run’.



DONATED PaperBack to Avondale 18-03-XX;
$USA 6.99; CDN 8.99 !!/ZELLERS!! “Top Twenty:


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Maybe influenced by [the timing of] Middlesex..from the two-decade discrepancy b/t  Desdemona’s actual and recorded ages and the doctor researching the whole-Mediterranean-diet-thing, I thought this might yield some fast ideas…have to look when I’m NOT hungry [AS IF]. ha-ha-ha-smiley-emoticon

All the way from The Australian Women’s Weekly [Home Library] to S/W Ontario, Canada

That’s all folks!

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I didn’t buy this for me; At present I’m an [underweight] ectomorph, so it must’ve been for friends. It’s a Rodale Press book, so I’ll keep it for now.

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Is this worth reading, SVP?

I tried to read this right after The Unruly Queen, but the contrast was too great, and thank G. I had Queen Noor to read instead.

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I remember enjoying q second of The First Deadly Sin.
Since then, it’s been a ‘mixed-bag’.

+ 2018 SIXTH COMMANDMENT: Warning – you may not be able to put-it-down; cover-to-cover suspense.

EIGHTH COMMANDMENT: Vague memory of disappointment? Must re-read to determine if ‘donatable’.


[1st read] TENTH COMMANDMENT [My version not exactly as shown.]  I
believe I enjoyed this book as much as I did The First Deadly Sin, and it’s what I was hoping for in his writing. [Box17-05]

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