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This was thrust at me by that wonderful neighboUr, Verna.  It is an AMAZING, TRUE story of how an Indian five-year-old, lost without knowing his own surname or hometown, is adopted to Australia, and later, using Google Earth, is actually able to find his birth family; you can’t make this stuff up!
Highly recommended!

CDN $21.00; LABEL 12.29


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I hate my hacker so much; I have lost the immediacy of writing about books as I finish them, and it’s really bugging me.

For example, I remember only that I liked this very, very, much.

HardCover USA $ 26.00;
CDN 30.00!/LABEL $3

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I don’t know if I’ve just not seen HER books before…and I did miss a major point {Orthodox Judaism!} somewhere near the beginning, BUT I really liked the characters..and the book!


Finished 18-03-26 1046h;
Oversized SoftCover:
$USA 17.99!;
CDN 21.99!/$1

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I seem to recall quite enjoying this.
Still wish I’d taken that Historical walk which even Mrs. Harper did..I know –Find-a-Buddy!

BTY, this area is still full of Secords; one of my city councillors WAS a Secord;my MPP [’til recently, the longest-serving MPP in the ONT. Legislature] is on Secord DRIVE…

$CDN 4.95
DustCover has completely fallen apart

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Read in a MOST haphazard way; plus the book was already falling apart and continued to do so!

As a former nse, I MIGHT ReRead another cc ALL AT ONCE.

There WAS one @ the corner store..

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Back of book “…London society…Napoleon…save England?” [!]

Felt ripped off – too much ‘romance maybe?  Certainly not enough ‘witch-ery’ – but some interesting historical tidbits, so I’ll keep it for now.

Finished 18-FEB-28
@ 1451/56h

$USA 10.99;
$CDN 12.50/LABEL $3/$1

That’s all folks!


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I loved every word.

I’ve always loved fire; born in a town WITH garbage p9ick-up but RAISED in the bush; we HAD to “ReCYCLE” back in the 1960s AND 1970s, once the road to the dump was filled with snow, it was crush, or burn, and in the summers…

I don’t know how much SCIENCE is actually in there, but I enjoyed the ‘technicality‘,


* I RESENTED it then; NOW I”m like Little-Miss-Enviro-Nazi [I need a better phrase, SVP] – go figure…

That’s All Folks!

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