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“unwanted NW” VPNS SOUGHT, SVP!


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This was thrust at me by that wonderful neighboUr, Verna.  It is an AMAZING, TRUE story of how an Indian five-year-old, lost without knowing his own surname or hometown, is adopted to Australia, and later, using Google Earth, is actually able to find his birth family; you can’t make this stuff up!
Highly recommended!

CDN $21.00; LABEL 12.29

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Three of four from Home pp:

  1. On the River A
  2. On the River B
  3. On the River C
  4. On the River D – some of you will ‘see yourselves’ here…

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On the River in Motion

  • WAS intended as a repository for extensive .gif collection*
  • NOW songs ftom my 68-year0old cousin in Brasil

* thanx agn mf hacker

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I love this one

Thanks to STM-fb


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I’ve said before that I’m not so great @ this, but I did go through most shorter comments just now.  I Do read them all; just keep bearing w/ me, SVP!

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Some word processors, such as Microsoft Word, allow you to input special characters by using Control key shortcut combinations.
Press and hold the Control key (Ctrl on you keyboard), then press the special key indicated.  Release the two keys, then press the key for the letter you want accented.

l’accent aigu Ctrl- (Apostrophe)
l’acdfent grave Ctrl-` (Key just to the left of the 1 key)
l’accent circonflexe Ctrl-^ (Karrot or shift 6, you will have to press Ctrl, Shift and 6 at the same time)
le tréma Ctrl-: (Colon, you will have to press Ctrl, Shift and ; at the same time)
La cédille Ctrl-, (Comma)

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