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Thanks to SM: that’s all folks!

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[Four/?] MONTHS since I’ve been here?!?!?!
…grateful still.

dupe IN MOTION 17-07-31;
that’s all folks!

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This blog has morphed a few times.
The a/c was opened when wordpress generously agreed to accept Yahoo’s Yahoo360 ‘s clients

who were part of Yahoo’s Beta-blog-testing.
and consisted of JOKES & PIX received more than once via e-mail;
things I had already sent out on my then daily  themed ‘newspaper’*, also entitled On the River  Apparently most of the clients were {??} Vietnamese, and yet here I was in the the Golden Horseshoe of Ontario, Canada.

Thanks to the generosity of my now ex-husband, I was already a political activist. On what Canadians call September 11th; l know I also became a news-junkie;  what should still be called CBCNewsWORLD became my ‘radio’

I moved twice in two years, something i hadn’t done since my teens,
and was off-line for a while.

and i believe that coincided with my NEWS period here too: WORLD News, Science, Medicine, Technology.

I am still trying to document new BOOKS (and movies) as I read them,

partly because i lack sufficient space to access my entire library.

The triumph of facebook-over-Email

led me to create themed PowerPoint Shows  for my friends.
I have tried to replicate these on my other site, but have had no comments,
so I’m not certain where to go next.

WHY, SVP, if you remember, did YOU start following me?

* per a faithful ‘follower’ from Grade Two.

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helped me really began to read in earnest [FINALLY!] again

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Where have I been???


OMG, I can’t believe I’m actually blogging again!
PRIOR TO extremelY rude service interruptions,  I was mostly @ my OTHER Site (CORRECTED),

This has been my worst year ever in computing,

(circa 1985??):

thanks to:  1.my ISP – a favourite rep – told me the connection problem was:
~ ‘just that my [XP] was too old.

So, I rushed out and spent all the loonies* and toonies* I’d been saving for this day
{Google Updates and facebook messaging had already ceased to Fn w/ XP}
only to have it turn out that it was the ISP’s FRICKI’n ‘modem-ROUTER(S)’

After tearing my tiny computing area apart THREE times
the dim-witted cable tech {with the aid of both his mgr. doing spot-checks
and THEIR tech-centre, got the installation done

only to find the new device was defective

And that’s only #1 – of 2 PC related issues.

** Canadian slang for coins of $1 and $2 denominations

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Haven’t been blogging much,
so was @ first put off/confused by the latest lay-out.


  1. The Categories…section is more like the original design; you can more easily FIND and ADD categories, including using PARENT categories
  2. One no longer has to have two tabs open (@ least in Chrome); the LAST designs always required TWO tabs – BOTH edited and new!
    2015-12-14 – NO LONGER TRUE – WHY????????????????????

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