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I kept thinking of…some flick w/ Denzel Washington…then finally picked it up and i don’t THINK I put it down…


That’s all folks!

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[Also purchased sans book jacket – this is USA publisher 201x]

The 2014, US version was a bit weird for a Canuck, with British slang interspersed with ‘American English’ [theRe is no bl**dy such thing!]

She got most of Jason-the-Canadian right, but he was ED: un-intentionally only a two-dimensional-character [perhaps d/t/her own modesty], and, Ms. Haynes, there was one bit of slang about the hockey room fight that was backwards, @ least in Ontario!

Still, the author’s credits are impressive, and i WOULD read more!

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I’m guessing at the bookjacket, as my cc was purchased sans one, but IS purple-with-black-binding.

Dear Followers HELP. SVP!
Did I see this as an` decade-ago-flick
or was that an awful dream?

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