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In Memory of David Leslie Cozens, to whom this book belonged.


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  ©1972; HardCover $6.95

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Moore, Brian

FergusThar’s Bree-an.  Although born an Irishman, Canucks [@ least for a time?] claimed him as our own. I remember enjoying all of his  novels in one of my Can-Lit phases.

Coles CDN 99¢

CANUCKS: Remember when Coles was ubiquitous?
I HAVE still seen a couple…under Chapters/Indigo now?

That’s all folks!

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Book Conservators: SVP:

  • Will the Silica pax used is seed packages protect a failing apart book of great reproductions?

    Is is better for the book to be in

{i know, acid, free paper, but i have naught}

  • some kind of HOUSEHOLD PAPER, e.g.,…
  • or a ZipLok ?

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what-sign-is-your-petI am a serious, i.e., NOT newspaper Astrologer, and would not have kept this if it wasn’t useful.

©1989; List price $8.95; paid $3.99


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Just came across this in the ?/Half-Read books shelf…

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101-questions-cat1Remember as being most interesting after 35 years with cats!

HardCover; Paid $8.00

Lost my beautiful Bella Boop…





 1993 Paid $8 bucks


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