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I only read this books in spurts…I seemed to miss some WITHOUT it mattering.

I MAY give it another try.

My subconscious [DUH] has just made it clear at some/?-MANY of these ‘thrillers’ have a ‘romantic aspect’ to them.  It’s really starting to bug me.  If I WANTED to ‘Read  Romance,  Harlequin alone must have THOUSANDS of titles!


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..or whatever they call it now…Behavioural…

This emerged from a box of otherwise METAL PARTS?!?!?  I’m fairly certain it had never been read before. I’ve read of all John Douglas – some more than once – too.


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Is this worth reading, SVP?

I tried to read this right after The Unruly Queen, but the contrast was too great, and thank G. I had Queen Noor to read instead.

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I remember enjoying q second of The First Deadly Sin.
Since then, it’s been a ‘mixed-bag’.

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EIGHTH COMMANDMENT: Vague memory of disappointment? Must re-read to determine if ‘donatable’.


[1st read] TENTH COMMANDMENT [My version not exactly as shown.]  I
believe I enjoyed this book as much as I did The First Deadly Sin, and it’s what I was hoping for in his writing. [Box17-05]

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crossing2ENL A British take on the ‘craze.’
Most engrossing – and another FEMALE scientist

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Intent to Harm


Actually, my cc came sans a book cover so I’m guessing [AS ALWAYS] by publisher and print/copyright date.

I think I did this book a dis-service, reading it after Leap of Faith, Three Day Road and The House Without Windows.  I thought I needed a ‘change,’ but it was too marked.

I ended up enjoying it [WHAT A MONSTER!] and will re-read it again,
i.e., Note-to-Self  – DO NOT BOX

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…is a women’s prison in Afghanistan.

I just finished this last night, but don’t know what to say about it except that I DID enjoy this very much.

SEE ALSO: Khaled Hosseini

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