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Our strange Canadian AUGUST Holiday…I always associate this w/ my father’s B-Day [Aug 1st], but it was ‘late [7th, ELB’S B-Day] and I got all confused…


Thanks to APII; I have known his mother since Grade III;
and AP I since/~ 1975


That’s all folks!


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There used to be a little treasure trove on the West side of Bay, below Wellesley, where you could pick up ALL kinds of publications, MOSTLY DIRT CHEAP.  Any body else remember…?

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This is nothing but a P.R. Stunt.
They have even hired “an agency” to conduct it for them.
The telephone ‘supervisor’ is a c*cky LITTLE S.O.B., who laughed @ me when he told me i couldn’t RE-send my forms AGAIN, b/c they only have a P.O. Box [true].

They were advertising before they were even ready…I as a great searcher DID eventually find the link. I thought I applied THEN, but I guess I should have known that was pre-agency somehow…

Make YOUR complaints to:
Ms. Rosemarie Leclair
Chair, OEB,
2300 Yonge St, 27th Floor
M4P 1E4

No direct-line supplied by “C[onsumer] Relations”

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Thanks to MJS

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Thanks to STM

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Thanks to facebook

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Image thanks to JD, top link thanks to DRS; rest from facebook

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