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I have always been fascinated by the Amish.  I’m fairly certain I picked up a different one of these @ a local condo-complex yard-sale years ago…



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Enjoyed very much!

#4! Brethren, The: “WD St. Kitts Central Library 2006-OCT-20

 © 2006; $USA 19.99
[Happy Birthday Uncle Gord!]

That’s all folks!

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Devil’s Beat


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celtsMakes me want to read ‘the full version, i.e., enjoyed very, very much

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I’m guessing at the bookjacket, as my cc was purchased sans one, but IS purple-with-black-binding.

Dear Followers HELP. SVP!
Did I see this as an` decade-ago-flick
or was that an awful dream?

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Book of Secrets, The


[?/ I seem to recall enjoying this very much.]

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Really enjoyed this,
particularly as I’ve long had a ‘thing’ about Bountiful, B.C., et al

including the Utah Olympics where so many womyn & children  SUBSIST on ‘welfare’
…honestly, how many people can one man truly look after!

to Canucks…[SO] Initially, the author’s surname really threw me…
You may search THIS site for more about Bountiful

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Old Man Goya


The resolution, left, is NOT great, but the book was!

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I dagainst-will_434id my Grade Nine

[Canadian for ‘Ninth Gr.”]

history essay on medicine in the 1900’s.
After reading Against Their Will, geez, I’n not sure which was worse;
no, 19th Century medicine may have been ignorant,
but, @ least in America, the 20th Century  – or @ least the first 75 years of it, was WORSE;
using the most vulnerable of society as human guinea pigs!


For the book that turned HeLa Cells into a PERSON for me, see here.

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