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First, my beloved Al JOYnes:*; [LINK]; https://www.facebook.com/al.joynes

and then, [moments] ago, I’m told that this is ALSO (John) SKOles’ LAST BROADCAST TODAY (AND i FOUND THIS as the ONLY link [same blogger? – thanks, Mike].


I’ve been meaning to update THIS link since the date I wrote it**: now i don’t know what to do…TORONTONIANS! NIARARA-ites!


* letter to Tammy Cole, Sales…

Firing Al Joynes?
Are you out of your minds?
This was the best 12-hours in your week!

I have becoming increasingly dis-illusioned w/ your ‘new’ format, e.g., REPLAYING songs and /? more contests. Is this FM or AM?

I feel like i did when Barrie’s TV station was sold; what happened to their collection?

This firing may be the final straw; hokey as it can be, GIANT FM plays more like the “Q-107 I was listening to before it was officially on the air.”

** where SKOles was omitted only b/c I wasn’t sure how to spell his surname…
Skoles vs. the grating voice of “KK”?? NO CONTEST!


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I seem to recall quite enjoying this.
Still wish I’d taken that Historical walk which even Mrs. Harper did..I know –Find-a-Buddy!

BTY, this area is still full of Secords; one of my city councillors WAS a Secord;my MPP [’til recently, the longest-serving MPP in the ONT. Legislature] is on Secord DRIVE…

$CDN 4.95
DustCover has completely fallen apart

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Back of book “…London society…Napoleon…save England?” [!]

Felt ripped off – too much ‘romance maybe?  Certainly not enough ‘witch-ery’ – but some interesting historical tidbits, so I’ll keep it for now.

Finished 18-FEB-28
@ 1451/56h

$USA 10.99;
$CDN 12.50/LABEL $3/$1

That’s all folks!


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I’ve had this…a while.

LABEL: $CDN en francais 6.99

Back Issues are out there, e.g., THIS

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I was thinking of boxing this tome,  d/t its dust-collecting cover, but quickly remembered that it came from the dearly-departed ‘Upstairs Dave’ [R.I.P]…plus I Could have been using it while reading about The Tudors and historical fiction, so I’ll park it with the former for now.

LABEL $4; Cozens

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‘Co-incidence’ – amidst a pile of UN-shelved books Bedroom, with  a LOT of other Cornwell books, presumably novels…

REMEMBER LOVING IT & recommending it to a fellow Cornwell-fan who couldn’t find his cc.

After the preceding, can’t wait to re-read it!

$USA 7.99; CDN 10.99!;
Goodwill $2

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WOW – I loved the whole thing!

Have any of you seen the FILM, SVP?


Finished 18-FEB-20 16h Exactly
Harper Perennial
$CDN 16.50/$1
What a bargain!!!!

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