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Oh, Phyllis

It took DECADES, but there is finally a Casino in Toronto…and near-by Ajax, and…

In the ‘Falls, of course, there are two;  I had hoped this would suffice…

Gambling -PAM prescriptions and NON time-release MORPHINE;
yeah, we’ve got our priorities right…

and now there’s I-still-cant-believe-it DOUG* FORD
more-than -halving [a GROWING] Toronto Council
and scrapping Drive-Clean…

* Freudian proof that I-still-cant-believe…
and i’m an Jungian!

{Important Ed. 2018-10-02}



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WAS”Reading Now…” – if you try to cut&paste you’ll lose formatting…

GOAL: REDUCE LIST; comments welcome




campbell's-easy-holiday cooking265PNG1

Need EZ Cooking!


So far freakin ‘FASCINATING – and SCARY!


  • Campbell’s Easy Holiday Cooking; /$1
  • Inside ISIS; OMG! A life-long (half-Buddhist) PACIFIST, I remember disagreeing during our last Federal Election
    w/ Faye [a Christian] who said she was going to vote Tory [orig: UK; also CDA]
    [kind-a closer-to Democrat than even REPUBLICAN, I have read]
    b/c of what ISIS was doing to Christians, among others.
    I mark my6 tomes as little as possible, but last night 9Sep 16th] I found muself FOLDING pps for things to Re-read.
    TERRIFYING – copywrite 2015

HardCover $ USA 27.00; CDA 30.00/$1

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Penguin Canada SoftCover $23.00!
BMO Kid’s Help Line, /$1

What is short for captain?
Additionally, the O-6 rank of Navy and Coast Guard captain is abbreviated as uppercase “CAPT”, while the O-3 rank of captain is abbreviated as “CPT” for the Army and mixed-case “Capt” for the Air Force and Marine Corps.

RE: TO…Read
Lots of history for the winter…LATER!!

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Got me w/ the historical angle again, but too long

Kensington Books CDN $10.99


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I’m thinking this may have been from my parents’ Book-of-the-Month-Club, though from my signature I would say I was a teenager when I first read it.

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First, my beloved Al JOYnes:*; [LINK]; https://www.facebook.com/al.joynes

and then, [moments] ago, I’m told that this is ALSO (John) SKOles’ LAST BROADCAST TODAY (AND i FOUND THIS as the ONLY link [same blogger? – thanks, Mike].


THEN ,THE LAST BLOW: no MORE psychedelic Sunday and/or Andy Frost.  Hw was the biggest cheerleader of the new format; ‘Great Hit & Real Classics’,
but now they just play the same songs over and over and over and over

I’ve been meaning to update THIS link since the date I wrote it**: now i don’t know what to do…TORONTONIANS! NIARARA-ites!


* letter to Tammy Cole, Sales…

Firing Al Joynes?
Are you out of your minds?
This was the best 12-hours in your week!

I have becoming increasingly dis-illusioned w/ your ‘new’ format, e.g., REPLAYING songs and /? more contests. Is this FM or AM?

I feel like i did when Barrie’s TV station was sold; what happened to their collection?

This firing may be the final straw; hokey as it can be, GIANT FM plays more like the “Q-107 I was listening to before it was officially on the air.”

** where SKOles was omitted only b/c I wasn’t sure how to spell his surname…
Skoles vs. the grating voice of “KK”?? NO CONTEST!

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