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Moore, Brian

FergusThar’s Bree-an.  Although born an Irishman, Canucks [@ least for a time?] claimed him as our own. I remember enjoying all of his  novels in one of my Can-Lit phases.

Coles CDN 99¢

CANUCKS: Remember when Coles was ubiquitous?
I HAVE still seen a couple…under Chapters/Indigo now?

That’s all folks!


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darkness-stroke-noonAlthough it would seem he led a full life; it is tragic for we readers that Mr. Murphy “passed away suddenly…shortly after completing…” (this WONDERFUL STORY! {2008}

First Edition HarperCollins Toronto, $CDN 21.95;
I.E., a real ‘book’ – paper; binding

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Passchendaele-mjfThis is the FIRST time I’ve read a NOVELbased-on-(a)-screenplay and I must say that our {Canuck]  Paul Gross completed yet another first-rate feat.

2017-Nov-27 1330h

I have adored Gross since Due South.*  For anyone {Yanks included], who thinks there’s no difference between Us and Them {and obviously has never been any place we holiday together], THIS is the easiest way to view our many differences.

This is also the first time I have had to finish a novel by reading every page TWICE [this waiting in my doctor’s office for a most-unusual 1 3/4 hours after a VERY rough couple-of-weeks; even though i am better, I ‘m still exhausted].

It is also the second time I have finished a book just-before -seeing-him [neither of us has seen the flick yet]  AND intending to lend it to him immediately after posting here.

In any case, Dr. Thos. M. F. Greavette is the best doctor in St. Catharines and beyond and ALWAYS worth ANY wait!

* Wikipedia is in financial straights!

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bad+lonelyAnybody else [Canuck/Brit} remember W.H Smith stores?  ©1976; $CDN 6.95

pic edited to try to emphasize photo

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OMG – what a Canadian treasure!


And maybe it’s ’cause I’m a Canuck [though I don’t think so, that] that for ONCE, I was NOT frustrated by the use of ‘foreign” (Cree) words; I think they were all posted IN CONTEXT – versus a PET PEEVE – what the H is wrong with a short footnote!?!

[x] 17-Aug-29 1114h WOW


I didn’t read this right away because I found them in reverse order and [was in the middle of that ‘change’ [see Response @base]. I think I was also SAVing it; to SAVour it. WHICH I DID!
AND…a trilogy may be in the works!

But THIS time, I WILL  have ‘google’ [G.B.] some words, particularly in the Acknowledgements [which include Gord Downie…bless you,..]   17-09-23 /?

[SEE ALSO: Aboriginal Ten Commandments]

QUESTION: Why are so many non-francophone Canucks in New Orleans, SVP?  


That’s all folks!

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There used to be a little treasure trove on the West side of Bay, below Wellesley, where you could pick up ALL kinds of publications, MOSTLY DIRT CHEAP.  Any body else remember…?

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Hey, isn’t one of my very favourite books

The Age of Innocence…old…Evelyn Waugh? 

HELP, SVP,  Dear Followers

It took two [tries to get into this,
but then I really enjoyed it.

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