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I read mostly abed.  This is a HEAVY tome of over 525 pages in small type – and worth every nanosecond of required manipulation.

ALSO: Gringo Nightmare and Against All Hope

$Cdn 37.50


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Whew…this is more like it!

[Aug 11] I don’t want it to end…now where is that fat CathErine-the-Great biography…
FRASER: ?/Biographer, ANTONIA

That’s all folks!

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DON’T TELL: Billed as “utterly compelling…high-wire suspense, methinks this tome must be written by someone with personal exposure to wife-assault [Spousal Assault in PC.]

IN HIS SIGHTS: I had to put this down@ some point @ first reading some time ago.  After I finished Don’t Tell I immediately retrieved it and just decided to re-start @ the beginning.  Absolutely Terrifying.

IN PROCESS: Eyes open for a HELPFUL tome…

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Old Man Goya


The resolution, left, is NOT great, but the book was!

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?/ Especially when read soon after Henrietta Lacks!/?

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2017-FEB-18 About time I made her, her own page…
it started with (Ed.) 2009/10/11 (?)
…the native will shine in occupations which are connected with:
the judiciary, hospital or prison…:

  • The Want-Ad Killer, The (CARIGNAN)
  •  I-5 Killer, The
  •  Last Dance, Last Chance
  •  Lust Killer
  • Somewhere in there is BUNDY – “Stranger
  •  Rose for Her Grave, A – I prob’ly have more of these ‘Story+’ tomes, don’t like them,  recently passed on two, and have just decided, ‘Garage-Sale (2017-02-18)
  • If You Really Love Me , below,
  • Green River, Flowing Red – her BEST, to me,
    b/c she puts a really personal focus on  the VICTIMS,
    as well as the investigation (?)




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roll-c-itcrop I have ALWAYS loved Steve Winwood
(and just learned that ‘StevIE’ is NOT his preferred name), perhaps because, like Geo Harrison (R.I.P.), he was closer to me in age than most other R&R-ers in my youth. A wonderful little tome!

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