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This was thrust at me by that wonderful neighboUr, Verna.  It is an AMAZING, TRUE story of how an Indian five-year-old, lost without knowing his own surname or hometown, is adopted to Australia, and later, using Google Earth, is actually able to find his birth family; you can’t make this stuff up!
Highly recommended!

CDN $21.00; LABEL 12.29


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I seem to recall quite enjoying this.
Still wish I’d taken that Historical walk which even Mrs. Harper did..I know –Find-a-Buddy!

BTY, this area is still full of Secords; one of my city councillors WAS a Secord;my MPP [’til recently, the longest-serving MPP in the ONT. Legislature] is on Secord DRIVE…

$CDN 4.95
DustCover has completely fallen apart

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I purchased this for my ex-husband, but it never got to him.  I can’t even remember if I’ve read it, but I love HER MUSIC, so I will.


$USA 17.95;
CDN 24.95 (!);
a) Blow-Out 9.99;

b) Special 1.99

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‘Co-incidence’ – amidst a pile of UN-shelved books Bedroom, with  a LOT of other Cornwell books, presumably novels…

REMEMBER LOVING IT & recommending it to a fellow Cornwell-fan who couldn’t find his cc.

After the preceding, can’t wait to re-read it!

$USA 7.99; CDN 10.99!;
Goodwill $2

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I’ve two friends who were ‘adopted’ – the PC term is “surrendered.”  I have never met an adoptee who didn’t yearn to know their histories.

I have always though those surrendered should have, at minimum, access to their medical/hereditary history, and this belief was greatly strengthened when I worked  as a nurse in Haemodialysis, where genetic conditions can cause Chronic Kidney Failure.


Ontario 2017






Ms. Fisher’s organization:



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but for some reason
I read this over many stages,
between many other books

so there are more-than-usual notes;
see The Reader’s Journal

 and thEsE BEFORE it slipped down the head-of-the-bed


Methinks it had never been read either! £7.99

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I read mostly abed.  This is a HEAVY tome of over 525 pages in small type – and worth every nanosecond of required manipulation.

ALSO: Gringo Nightmare and Against All Hope

$Cdn 37.50

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