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Cohen represents my generation,
although this a big age-gap

I think the most-telling moment was when he won the JUNO for “Best SINGER,”
and he answered,
“Only in Canada.”

The Official Leonard Cohen Site

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[ED., sigh]

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…mirrors my own greatest love?


Signet Classic $0.95 CENTS

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[five stars]
As Austen is one of my all-time-favoUrite-authors…I just didn’t want it to end.

+18-7-12 It was SO heartening to see SO many editions in G. ADV Image Search!

+ Fascinating author

+ The author had a woman find many fascinating illustrations!

Hill & Wang, NY
All the way from the Bonnie Doon School Library, Edmonton Public School Board! to Niagara /$1]

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originally Aku-Aku

2018-Jan-5th – for TORONTONIANS:
Anybody remember The Last Resort @ 817 Broadview, where you could wash your clothes and book-browse @ the same time…[circa early 1980’s??!]

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I cannot find a post for Fall  Down On Your Knees, which was magnificent.. Then I came across this. WOW.

Seven Degrees of Separation.  I was raised to call my parents’ friends ‘Aunt’ & ‘Uncle’.  My ‘Aunt’ Helen MacDonald [Last known to reside near the Port Credit GO Train Station.] was the author’s Aunt by marriage, and always kept my mother abreast of ‘Ann-Marie’/’s accomplishments, of which she was also always proud.

That’s all folks

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ImageThe Kite Runner-haunting

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one of the few best-selling authors I like to read:

2016-10-07 @ least, that USED to be true
i confess that most of my life i was a ‘literature snob’.

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ACCEPTABLE RISK *** I really liked this one {I’m a pushover for anything to do with the (Salem) witch trials; plus there’s a provocative view on anti-depressants} and would like to read everything IN the bibliography too

GODPLAYER*** (AN-other fast read) I really (re-)enjoyed this one, (at least as much as Mortal Fear, below); I don’t know if it was because there was a strong female presence in the story, or…
WAS somewhat surprised by the strong attitudes to diabetes (!) and (male) homosexuality…ah, America

Official Robin Cook Website

LOVE the environmental-big corporation sub-themes
AND the approach to cancer treatment

Genetic Engineering – one of Robin Cook’s fastest reads

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Although best known for The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Dame Spark is actually a quirky writer with MANY more stories, e.g.,

1970    1973 


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we read Kon-Tiki @ TPS;
is that where my fascination with ancient cultures began?

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