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I knew I was going to like this, especially as at  pp17…[format].

After a night’s reflection, I’m giving it FIVE Stars…although I’ve had a problem w/ the whole-star-thing since DayOne.

Finished 18-FEB-11 @ 727PM
Ms. Speak is from Woodstock {home of Justin Bieber?, SVP], and now Ottawa.
HardCover Random House Canada $32.95; $1

That’s All Folks!

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Thanks to MJS

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10 animals thrive with the help of artificial limbs

Ten pix @: http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/photos/bionic-animals-walk-swim-again-with-prosthetics-1.2998505

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Georgina Harwood may be 100, but she doesn’t act a day over 92. Then again, her 92 could just as easily pass for someone else’s 30.

That’s because Harwood was 92 when she went skydiving the first time. Last Friday, to celebrate her 100th birthday, the great-grandmother went skydiving for a third time — and she plans to continue the party on Monday by going scuba diving with sharks.

After her tandem jump, the South African described the experience to the Associated Press as “wonderful” and “exhilarating.”

CBS reports 15 of Harwood’s family members and friends joined her on the jump.

Happy birthday, Georgina!


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How many of you spend a good portion of your day sitting in a chair or sitting at your desk? In this video from the brilliant Dr. Christiane Northrup, she shares why getting up and moving is so important:http://bit.ly/1EzVUVq.

Each day, I make it a point to move my body and treat it with respect by exercising–I swim and do a function run daily and truly feel the benefits of this practice! In this video, Dr. Northrup explains that the effects on the body that we associate with aging actually begin in your 20’s, when you start sitting at a desk. Here’s the great news–you can begin to reverse these effects with simple exercises that require absolutely no special equipment. And you can start right now. In the video, she shares simple exercises that work on your balance–and in just days, you’ll begin to notice how it improves.

I highly encourage you all to try them, and to begin to incorporate them into your daily routine. Once you’ve watched the video and tried the exercises, I would love to hear your thoughts. What are some of your favorite exercises and ways to move during the day?


Thanks to LST and MJV

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EDMONTON – The United Nurses of Alberta is asking a judge to order the provincial government to enforce its own nursing home laws.

The union says a long-term care home in Athabasca is violating rules that require a registered nurse to be on staff.

The union says the private, for-profit seniors centre run by Extendicare Canada has refused since last fall to hire registered nurses.

The presence of a nurse is one of the regulations that must be fulfilled for a facility to be legally defined as a nursing home.

The union says it was informed by a senior health official that Extendicare decided to use licensed practical nurses because of the difficulty in recruiting RNs.

Union president Heather Smith says the issue was raised with Health Minister Stephen Mandel in January, but there’s been no response.

“It now appears (Alberta Health Services) and the government are prepared to ignore the government’s own laws and regulations,” Smith said in a statement released Tuesday.

“As a result, we believe we have no recourse but to seek relief from the courts in the form of an order to the government to enforce the Nursing Home Act and the Nursing Homes Operation Regulation.”

The union asked Court of Queen’s Bench on Monday to issue such an order in the case of the Athabasca nursing home.

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