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c/o https://www.giantfm.com/#   On-Line, of course

This has been my new station since Global DESTROYED Q107 (Toronto).
My one, only, BIG complaints is that the Playlist is MUCH too small,
many repeated EVERY day…which I think was the 1st thing that went wrong @ Q107.

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On the River in Motion

  • WAS intended as a repository for extensive .gif collection*
  • NOW songs ftom my 68-year0old cousin in Brasil

* thanx agn mf hacker

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Tragically Hip, The (CBC)

a candle burns on my balcony, as all over the country



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Someone told me a few years ago that people who listen to music are 20 percent happier than those who don’t

  1. TORONTO: I had been listening to this
    http://www.q107.com/player station since it was even formally on-the-air in the late 1970 s.
    I still listen to Psychedelic Sundays and miss Al and Andy,
    but am not fond of the format change, e.g., playing that misogynistic HIT by Adam Klein.
  2. NIAGARA: After [gasp] almost 20 years avoiding the one of the two [Bathurst]streetcar lines during the CNE, ; it is REALLY strange to hear a local radio stn. awarding tickets to ‘the Ex” as prizes!

    and other contests wé the caveats…not having won in the last 30 days

    …pronouncing Montego Bay é Mon-TAY-go Bay



That’s all folks!

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From my cousin in Brazil

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From my cousin in Brazil

(2+ Hour Beautiful Video Album) 1080p on YouTube


Listen to this album of music. It was made showing the cityscapes of Québec.
You’ll adore it

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something went very strange on the first THREE posts…


someone w/ Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety & Depression told me YEARS ago that music can decrease DEPRESSION by 20%…

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Thanks to JC

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They forgot about that amazing young man on The Voice


Thanks to MAC

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