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At least once-upon-a time considered…THE.FIRST.NOVEL.

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x“” tall;
I have made the Mataro doll for him!

Gorgeous cover…small typeface

$12.95, purchased in Canada a LONG time ago,

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?/ Limited ed. 

HardCover w/ [slipping[ book-jacket

MY grandfather was one of the first 25 Japanese in Toronto, arriving here w. a Master’s in Engineering.  He went to work for the railway in what was then New Toronto.  My uncle and father ware born and raised in Canada in the mid 1920’s [ALSO in New Toronto].

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“These are a few of my favoUrite things”


Beautiful Prentice-Hall SoftCover

..there is no way to describe just how beautiful this tome is.


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ADDED 18-03-21: I should have explained that this is “the moving story of Japanese CDNS during WWII…through the eyes of a young girl.”

To understand me & mine, it’s helpful to read this book and why my Uncle felt more @ home in Brasil* than he did in  his country of birth.

The ‘Legacy’ SHOULD have been that this is part of the Canadian curriculum…me…I found it decades ago browsing in the CanLit section just AFTER high school.

*Brasil has the second-largest population of Japanese next to Japan.

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VANCOUVER – Refurbishments are underway on a First World War cenotaph in Vancouver’s Stanley Park honouring Japanese-Canadian soldiers — a memorial that stands as both a testament to their patriotism and a reminder of Canada’s prejudiced past…


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