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*CathErine*- – I live in St. CathErines, ON, CDA, which spelling was not recognized until very recently by Google Maps, etc. d/t the repeated efforts of a local man
= very unusual spelling see also COOKSON

< Dec 10th
Why am I reading this??????


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Books (ed.)

Post-pub: OH, GEEZ, I WANTED to save this as a DRAFT!!
Books – “The Dark Side”

I’ve been blessed with two VERY local charity book sales for months now.
I was [packing] for a [SPRING?]garage-sale with a friend,
and came across a {you know, small but HEAVY} box marked,
“2016-Aug – Books – ?/Trade”
I have discovered that some “best-selling” authors ARE ok,
and will never lose my affection for Scarpetta or Reichs,
but how many of these characters can one follow?

PLEASE do me a favour and comment on anybody here that you READ?

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CROSSWORDS: I LOVE them; they’re good for the (ageing) brain,
but I just don’t seem to have antytime anymore…

PSYCHO-PICTOGRAPHY: I’m fairly certain this came from my late Uncle Bill
– the master of self-help books, or possibly my ex-husband.
(If I’ve read it, it’s not been for YEARS.

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Toronto crime writer with some strange tales indeed.

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AT LEAST Two of these books are in a newer paperback format;
(another one was a Grisham).  These are a bit taller AND NARROWER
AND EASIER TO READ – I wish EVERY publisher would adopt this format!


  • BONES: finished 17-Nov-7 (?)

$CDN 11.99; 6.69; $1

  • DECEPTION: I started this is in December, but didn’t get very far…don’t remember why

Finished 2018-Feb
$USA 9.99; CDN 10.99; 6.69; $1

  • OBSESSION: in poor condition

Finished 2018-Feb
[Label] $9.99; $1

  • SURVIVAL of the FITTEST: cover-to-cover; finished 2018-Jan

$USA 7.50; CDN 9.99

  • TIME BOMB: I’ve a bookmark here @ pp 400…? [on 17-DEC-02]; also/finished 2018-Jan

$USA 7.99; CDN 10.99

To TORONTO-NIANS: – Anybody know where (banjo player) GLENn Kellerman is now?

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  1. POST-MORTEM (17-Nov-01)
    Published ‘way back’ 1990; I take this to be her ?/second {/?Scarperttanovel?

    After Cruel & Unusual?
  2. Help me out here, SVP, fellow-fans!
  3. There’s a lot more attn. to detail, methinks,
    and it’s FUN to remember our world w/ terms such as “DP [“Data-ProcESsing”, you young-‘uns!]”.

 That’s all folks!

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