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From my cousin in Brazil

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From my cousin in Brazil

(2+ Hour Beautiful Video Album) 1080p on YouTube


Listen to this album of music. It was made showing the cityscapes of Québec.
You’ll adore it

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Once a news-junkie, a Toronto Raging Granny, i am so out of touch now…

CANADIAN RANT – from books by  John Grisham! (after…2014-01-10)

  • Appeal, The: Riveting, harrowing, terrifying.
    Our appointment system in Canada is not perfect, but definitely preferable to that of electing Supreme Court Judges.   Grisham writes with some authority [He …served in the House of Representatives in Mississippi from January 1984 to September 1990. – Wikipedia]

    …shame on Harper for ending the direct [$2}per-vote subsidy for political parties, which banned corporate donations. [link].

    As I remember it this sprang from Chretien’s last meeting with Bill Clinton, when he learned that Hilary Hilary Clinton’s  Senate  campaign cost more than that of the entire Liberal Party of Canada!


  • Confession, The: This book really stirred me up.
    I am even more grateful to be Canadian, living WITHOUT elected judges, WITH  gun control and WITHOUT the death penalty (our last execution was 1962).

    I hope our next PM will re-instate the program above.


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Toronto crime writer with some strange tales indeed.

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Thanks to MjS – a transplanted Yank

Where In Canada Should You Move To If Trump Becomes President?

Thanks to AP

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Thanks to KC

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