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I THOUGHT I read  “…author of SophiE’S CHOICE, but no matter…

I ADORED THIS…haunting [which, if you haven’t guessed yet,  it my highest accolade] iN more than one respect!

2017-NOV-24 1620h
Giant Tiger; $CDN 4.99


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but for some reason
I read this over many stages,
between many other books

so there are more-than-usual notes;
see The Reader’s Journal

 and thEsE BEFORE it slipped down the head-of-the-bed


Methinks it had never been read either! £7.99

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I’M fairly certain I picked this up at a shop near the St Lawrence Market [Toronto] what, two decades [!!] ago in Toronto before The Explanade, etc., exploded…


TORONTONIANS: It was large near the South St. Laurence Market Building; HELP ME OUT HERE, SVP!

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If you are using the US Keyboard, with NumLock on, hold down the ALT key and type 156 on the Keypad. When you release the ALT key, the pound sign will appear.

If you are using the UK Keyboard, press SHIFT+3.

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That blurrr A the base of the image states, ‘Better than THE DA VINCI CODE’ ~ Washington Post

I don’t think I agree w/ THAT, but I did enjoy this.

2017-Nov-23 1754h
Pan Books £6; label $CDN 4.99

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This is still haunting me NY-Day, so I’m granting it Five-Stars


2017-12-30 2116h
Random House Canada

$CDN 22.95 – beautiful paper/back-dustjacket

That’s all folks!

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“What a rollercoaster…
Loved it…
apparently a film is….coming?


Title pp 247

SOFTCover $USA 16.00

2017-12-05 1524h

 That’s all folks!

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