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My edition is a Signet Classic, and thus not exactly as shown.

Although a HUGE fan of Mary Ann Evans Cross (the author’s real name back when women had a hard time publishing), THIS is just not my favoUrite novel.

$ USA 3.95; CDN 4.50;
purchased for $2.50


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I was thinking of boxing this tome,  d/t its dust-collecting cover, but quickly remembered that it came from the dearly-departed ‘Upstairs Dave’ [R.I.P]…plus I Could have been using it while reading about The Tudors and historical fiction, so I’ll park it with the former for now.

LABEL $4; Cozens

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‘Co-incidence’ – amidst a pile of UN-shelved books Bedroom, with  a LOT of other Cornwell books, presumably novels…

REMEMBER LOVING IT & recommending it to a fellow Cornwell-fan who couldn’t find his cc.

After the preceding, can’t wait to re-read it!

$USA 7.99; CDN 10.99!;
Goodwill $2

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I THOUGHT I read  “…author of SophiE’S CHOICE, but no matter…

I ADORED THIS…haunting [which, if you haven’t guessed yet,  it my highest accolade] iN more than one respect!

2017-NOV-24 1620h
Giant Tiger; $CDN 4.99

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but for some reason
I read this over many stages,
between many other books

so there are more-than-usual notes;
see The Reader’s Journal

 and thEsE BEFORE it slipped down the head-of-the-bed


Methinks it had never been read either! £7.99

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I’M fairly certain I picked this up at a shop near the St Lawrence Market [Toronto] what, two decades [!!] ago in Toronto before The Explanade, etc., exploded…


TORONTONIANS: It was large near the South St. Laurence Market Building; HELP ME OUT HERE, SVP!

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