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For some reason, both The Odessa File and the Cobra were 0n-&-off again readings.


  • ODESSA FILE, The *****
    I sure i’ve read this before (© 1972), started it, lost my place, but i enjoyed it so much I just went back to the beginning!

Bot for a buck w/ broken spine i made worse; hope to fix as last…

  • COBRA,The – On first reading the back-cover, I dismissed this book about cocaine (and worse, Crack) b/c, as a former nurse, I maintain that:
    the ‘War on Drugs’ will never be won b/c, @ the USER-level,
    this is a MEDICAL (addiction) problem, NOT a criminal one.
    Spend the bl**dy $$$ on re-hab clinics!

    But i was enjoying The Odessa File so much that I picked it up anyway.
    I found myself on pp 114 on February 26th, and, as above, went back to-the-beginning and quickly caught up.
    This is NOT a regular ‘war-on-drugs’ book: it assails the SOURCE in a very bold manner.  If the U.S./Euro  gov’ts actually had the guts the try this, it just might work!

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After reading, I wrote, “WOW” on the inside front cover!
A slim, (also) haunting tome.

That’s all folks!

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I DO love history, especially  [??] local history,
but have NEVER been a fan of MILITARY-history,

so i confess that once I’d read the battles-of-Niagara,
i didn’t get much further…

Big hardcover…unsure if I’ll keep it – donate it – garage-sale it

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MY cc came without a book-jacket [Doubleday Canada]
but who cares?
What a wonderful adventure!

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I’ve been screaming for MORE ever since I read this,
but my then bookshop of choice was Goodwill (shop)
and they’ve moved FROM b/t a dollar-store and a No Frills, just beyond my regular trip size

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What an amazing tome!

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mezzaninecropI’ve tried reading this TWICE, but despite the rave reviews, just ‘couldn’t get into it.’

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