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For SHERLOCK fans, there is never enuf so…

Penguin $CDN 2.95

Also, had bookmarks for the ever-so-wonderdul-Lichtman’s “New” store, 824 Yonge (JUST) North of  Bloor” AND one [pp 206] for Census Canada, where I met Anna-Louise Richardson.
changed box#

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This was different!

Finished 2018-01-05

Library – WD – Had to use a clamp to make it flat; $USA 6.99;
$CDN 8.50/$1

NOT Verna!!!

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I have read several of his books. I dunno, I don’t EXPECT to like them [d/t plot ‘feasibilities’] but the ones I read I do!


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AIRFRAME: (appeared in BedRm 2018-DEC)

$US 7.99’CDN 9.99

DRAGON TEETH: Read right after Wayne; I think we both [loved] this one too;
sorry to (re-)learn the author has passed on…

Ideal Size; Finished 18-AUG-29 @0247/0300h/0.50 cents

As opposed to: DISCLOSURE: another first, having seen the flick, even years ago, I feel NO need to finish this work [@ least not right now [17-NOV; only a $buck].

[18-MAR I’ll keep it for now,
as me-and-mine go on book-fests like others do film-fests…
Box 17-02; LABEL $4.29

The 2nd latest: loved, including the footnoting {after Queens Caroline and Noor [same];


That’s all folks!

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( MY cover is yellow, not as shown.)

I can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed a random novel so much!

Life kept interfering, but I finally finished it!

I can’t recall who was in the [flick],
but it must’ve been someone I really don’t like…
Can anybody help me remember, SVP?

$USA 6.99; CDN 8.99

That’s all folks!

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a good, one-day, on & off read!

$USA 7.99; CDN 9.99

That’s all folks!

WAS Box17-02G

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Sure I’ve read something b/4…



[I’m fairly certain I enjoyed this/2017]

*CathErine*- – I live in St. CathErines, ON, CDA, which spelling was not recognized until very recently by Google Maps, etc. d/t the repeated efforts of a local man
= very unusual spelling; see also COULTER

Corgi Books $CDN 6.99; LABEL – “List Price $9.99; discount price 6.99″


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After reading, I wrote, “WOW” on the inside front cover!
A slim, (also) haunting tome.

(‘Hiding’ @ bottom of box.)
UK 80p; Australia $2.25; Canada 1.25

That’s all folks!

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Five Families

I read this YEARS ago,
and it’s possible I really liked it!

BTW, that arrow says 95 Cents!

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Grafton, Sue


$USA 7.99; CDN 9.99 – LABEL “$2 no tax”

WAS Box17-02G

That’s all folks!

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Ken Follett

It was my first-cousin in BraSil
who introduced me to THIS author.
We did not meet until 2016, when i was just-57 and he 66 [?].

THE REASON: we are of Japanese-Canadian descent,
and his father was made to feel more welcome in BraSil  after WWII
than he was in his country-of-birth
where I live

I have long[?]-since read several other titles;
this was #2 on my “Re-Entry” into 
the wonderful of books!

$USA 6.99; CDN 8.99; Goodwill $2

Box 17-02

That’s All Folks!


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