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I’ve been a political-junkie for most of my adult life, and I really enjoyed this!

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I knew I was going to like this, especially as at  pp17…[format].

After a night’s reflection, I’m giving it FIVE Stars…although I’ve had a problem w/ the whole-star-thing since DayOne.

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Ms. Speak is from Woodstock {home of Justin Bieber?, SVP], and now Ottawa.
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That’s All Folks!

(1961 Edition) Haven’t read for a while, but remember enjoying.

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2018-Jan-20 A year of action and hope

Dear friend,

A year after a new president entered the White House, his actions continue to reverberate through the news and into our homes.

In times of peril our human instinct is to “fight or flight.” We are encouraged to see our community fighting — taking action in support of environmental rights and protecting biodiversity.

Although much has seemed to move backward under the current American regime, we have seen people come together like never before to stand up for their beliefs. Take a moment to celebrate these accomplishments:

  • In 2017 you helped shut down Energy East, the longest pipeline project in North America. Now, the city of New York is suing the five largest oil companies, holding them accountable for the costs of climate change.
  • While the U.S. has made an effort to revive coal, Canada is closing its coal plants and shifting to renewable energy.
  • Canada has vowed to uphold its commitment to the Paris Agreement, along with the rest of the international community.
  • In October, the federal government announced it will review proposed changes to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act by June. We’re hopeful that in 2018, the right to a healthy environment may be included in federal law for the first time.

And this is just the beginning!

This fight goes beyond borders. It unites all humanity.

We live on one planet. We are one nature.


P.S. Nothing can stop us if we stand together. Protect your rights and values, and Earth’s climate and ecosystems.


This was pretty funny when I came across it, but now that our neighboUrs to the South have elected Donald Trump, …geez, stupid

Don’t know if it has lasting [humoUr]; I’ll have to have another browse…

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Not sure I’ll keep it…WHAT THINK YE