westcropMethinks  I must’ve purchased this after reading about POWs in Vietnam, but this book is more suited to lovers of MILITARY history…

another A thinly veiled version based on his own life?
Just not my ‘cup of tea.’

mezzaninecropI’ve tried reading this TWICE, but despite the rave reviews, just ‘couldn’t get into it.’

roll-c-itcrop I have ALWAYS loved Steve Winwood
(and just learned that ‘StevIE’ is NOT his preferred name), perhaps because, like Geo Harrison (R.I.P.), he was closer to me in age than most other R&R-ers in my youth. A wonderful little tome!


Callwood is a long-respected writer in Canada and beyond. This story, about the MIS-use of the War Measures Act during WWII, is most interesting!

(During the 1970’s, when the FLQ was committing heinous actions,  the same Act was MIS-used AGAIN.
I come from a mixed Anglophone/Francophone section of Northern Ontario, and one young man in my own community was jailed for climbing up the water-tower and painting “FLQ” on it.)

smokeThe edition pictured is NOT the one I read,
which to me is the most poignant of any I have seen.
An amazing story of survival.




minutiae: The spell-checker suggested…BirkenSTOCK!



I’ve never posted a book WHILE I was reading it before, but this book is having a powerful impact on me AND furnishing a list of MORE books to read.*

It is a horrific account of the lives of so-called Political Prisoners under Fidel Castro,
I know it will haunt me, and I’m shelving it beside Smoke over Birkenau for those few days I find it difficult to count my blessings.

SEE ALSO: Gringo Nightmare



* I seem to have jinxed myself with this post; it seemed like (?) days to FINISH the book. Either I was too tired when I hit the bed or Bella-the-Cat insisted on burrowing between me and the book and going to sleep.

That’s all, Folks!