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MY cc is NOT exactly as shown: =/+
“International bestseller” + “Ophah’s Book Club
AND a different quote
(L.A. Times), with the translator’s named reduced to a small line @ the base.

2017-FEB-18 – About time I made her, her own page…
it started with:

  • The Want-Ad Killer, The (CARIGNAN)
  •  I-5 Killer, The
  •  Last Dance, Last Chance
  •  Lust Killer
  • Somewhere in there is BUNDY – “Stranger
  •  Rose for Her Grave, A – I prob’ly have more of these ‘Story+’ tomes, don’t like them,  recently passed on two, and have just decided, ‘Garage-Sale (2017-02-18)
  • If You Really Love Me , below,
  • Green River, Flowing Red – her BEST, to me,
    b/c she puts a really personal focus on  the VICTIMS,
    as well as the investigation (?)






*CathErine*- – I live in St. CathErines, ON, CDA, which spelling was not recognized until very recently by Google Maps, etc. d/t the repeated efforts of a local man
= very unusual spelling; see also COOKSON

Post-pub: OH, GEEZ, I WANTED to save this as a DRAFT!!
Books – “The Dark Side”

I’ve been blessed with two VERY local charity book sales for months now.
I was [packing] for a [SPRING?]garage-sale with a friend,
and came across a {you know, small but HEAVY} box marked,
“2016-Aug – Books – ?/Trade”
I have discovered that some “best-selling” authors ARE ok,
and will never lose my affection for Scarpetta or Reichs,
but how many of these characters can one follow?

PLEASE do me a favour and comment on anybody here that you READ?

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CROSSWORDS: I LOVE them; they’re good for the (ageing) brain,
but I just don’t seem to have antytime anymore…

PSYCHO-PICTOGRAPHY: I’m fairly certain this came from my late Uncle Bill
– the master of self-help books, or possibly my ex-husband.
(If I’ve read it, it’s not been for YEARS.


Toronto crime writer with some strange tales indeed.


( MY cover is yellow, not as shown.)

I can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed a random novel so much!

Life kept interfering, but I finally finished it!

I can’t recall who was in the [flick],
but it must’ve been someone I really don’t like…
Can anybody help me remember, SVP?

That’s all folks!


a good, one-day, on& off read!

That’s all folks!