I was blessed to have a mother who taught me to read phonetically whilst I was VERY young.
In the last 48-60-72[?1?]h I have read three books but had practically no sleep;
still; I could manage…

Comments Fellow Bibliophiles?



I’M fairly certain I picked this up at a shop near the St Lawrence Market [Toronto] what, two decades [!!] ago in Toronto before The Explanade, etc., exploded…


TORONTONIANS: It was large near the South St. Laurence Market Building; HELP ME OUT HERE, SVP!


An absolute delight! w/ a couple of LOLs thrown in…

$USA 27.95; CDN 32.95!


thorn-in-my-heartI got quite drawn into this, but didn’t know WHY until it was finished, i.e. when I found a fR*ck*n  GLOSSARY  plus all kind of LINKS!

Methinks this was essentially…EeeKS…a ROMANCE!


* 2018-1-8-1847h

Discarded HardCover Public Library book: USA $13.99; $CDN 20.99!!! r u kidding?

ED: Andrew P. Vayda ©1968


 [used $2.50; kept interesting cover only; NOT found via G-Advanced Image Search!]

A relatively painless method to save for treats is to save all your Loonies and/or Toonies….it really adds up!

PLUS – one doesn’t have to carry all that HEAVY change around!

tainted-angel c
I confess I ADORED this…

Dollarama !!! $3.00

why is it put aside?
My Loonie-Bin Fund?