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NOT sure I have the right illustration here, but the City Of Toronto has been advertising THIS LINK like mad…hope it helps some people.


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First, my beloved Al JOYnes:*; [LINK]; https://www.facebook.com/al.joynes

and then, [moments] ago, I’m told that this is ALSO (John) SKOles’ LAST BROADCAST TODAY (AND i FOUND THIS as the ONLY link [same blogger? – thanks, Mike].


I’ve been meaning to update THIS link since the date I wrote it**: now i don’t know what to do…TORONTONIANS! NIARARA-ites!


* letter to Tammy Cole, Sales…

Firing Al Joynes?
Are you out of your minds?
This was the best 12-hours in your week!

I have becoming increasingly dis-illusioned w/ your ‘new’ format, e.g., REPLAYING songs and /? more contests. Is this FM or AM?

I feel like i did when Barrie’s TV station was sold; what happened to their collection?

This firing may be the final straw; hokey as it can be, GIANT FM plays more like the “Q-107 I was listening to before it was officially on the air.”

** where SKOles was omitted only b/c I wasn’t sure how to spell his surname…
Skoles vs. the grating voice of “KK”?? NO CONTEST!

My edition is a Signet Classic, and thus not exactly as shown.

Although a HUGE fan of Mary Ann Evans Cross (the author’s real name back when women had a hard time publishing), THIS is just not my favoUrite novel.

$ USA 3.95; CDN 4.50;
purchased for $2.50


This was thrust at me by that wonderful neighboUr, Verna.  It is an AMAZING, TRUE story of how an Indian five-year-old, lost without knowing his own surname or hometown, is adopted to Australia, and later, using Google Earth, is actually able to find his birth family; you can’t make this stuff up!
Highly recommended!

CDN $21.00; LABEL 12.29

I hate my hacker so much; I have lost the immediacy of writing about books as I finish them, and it’s really bugging me.

For example, I remember only that I liked this very, very, much.

HardCover USA $ 26.00;
CDN 30.00!/LABEL $3

Seagrams-The-Spirit-of-Hospitality-C400NOt that I’m NOT hospitable, but I basically don’t drink, and I’ll never be a Bartender…

Still, there is the whole Seagram’s history thing, e.g.,
a University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) Special Collections & Archives

= on the fence
what do YOU think?

In VERY poor condition;

© 1932

The Civic repertory TheatRE
SAMUEL FRENCH (incl. NYC & Hollywood)