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* Gas Prices

from…news 2005-09-29

A Kenora man pulled into a full service gas station today
and asked for five dollars worth of gas.
The attendant farted, took the five, and walked away.

Thanks to J&B, PH and RM

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Think a gallon of gas is expensive?
This makes one think, and also puts things in perspective.
Lipton Ice Tea 16 oz $1.19, that’s $9.52 per gallon
Ocean Spray 16 oz $1.25, that’s $10.00 per gallon
Gatorade 20 oz $1.59, that’s $10.17 per gallon
Diet Snapple 16 oz $1.29, that’s $10.32 per gallon
Whiteout 7 oz $1.39, that’s $25.42 per gallon
Brake Fluid 12 oz $3.15, that’s $33.60 per gallon
Scope 1.5 oz $0.99, that’s $84.48 per gallon
Pepto Bismol 4 oz $3.85, that’s $123.20 per gallon
Vick’s Nyquil 6 oz $8.35, that’s $178.13 per gallon

And this is the REAL KICKER
Evian water 9 oz $1.49 that’s $21.19 per gallon? $21.19 for WATER, and the buyers don’t even know the source. (Evian spelled backwards is Naive.)

So, the next time you’re at the pump, be glad your car doesn’t run on bottled water, whiteout or Scope, or, God forbid Pepto Bismal or Nyquil.

Just a little humour to help ease the pain of your next trip to the pump.
And, if you don’t pass this along to at least one person, your nose will fall off.

Thanks to JFW and MZ

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PHOTOS – Gas Prices

In case you’re wondering where this hotel is, it isn’t a hotel at all.
It’s a house! It’s owned by the family of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan,
former president, United Arab Emirates and ruler of Abu-Dhabi.
$till wondering why ga$ cost$ $o much??


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gas prices-LINKS



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AKA. Oil, Shortage of Oil, (An American Joke)

There are a lot of folks who can’t understand how there came to be an oil shortage here in Canada. Well, there’s a very simple answer. Nobody bothered to check the oil. We just didn’t know we were getting low. The reason for that is purely geographical. All the OIL is located in Alberta, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and B.C; all the DIPSTICKS are located in Ottawa, ONTARIO.

Thanks to D&V, J&B, JAB, MjD and…

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