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1.  Portrait of a Killer; Jack the Ripper Case Closed *

2.  Ripperology, The Best of RipperOLOGIST Magazine (search – Back Issues)

I’ve had this…a whileLABEL: $CDN en francais 6.99

3.  I, Ripper, with an absolutely fabulous Bibliography! [‘just’ read]

4. Stalking the Ripper a d*mn fine yarn! [read ‘recently’]


HELP2, SVP Methinks that magic bookstore may have been The Book BARN!
Maybe my cousin will remember, but TORONTO-NIANS,  PLEASE AGAIN, AM I CORRECT?

* WAS: HELP1, SVP – Where is the book by Patricia Cornwell, the one she HATED writing?  I REALLY enjoyed it AND want to re-read it now…did I read it when I was off-line…UGH!

< 18-03-16 Thank You Spirit…it appeared with  a lot of Scarpetta books!
I can explore my own queries, above AND ReRead the book!!


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