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ED: Andrew P. Vayda ©1968



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OLD [1968]; part of first map

textbook $2.50

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A former nurse, I’ve had a few of these around over the decades,, but:
[A] Meds change as often as BigPharm can manage it, and now
[B] the CPS [like the Physicians’s Desk Reference] is now on-line
so I don’t think I’ll retain any.

pills1 [©1997]

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I’m not sure WHAT I was thinking when I picked this up;
maybe I only read the back of the book-jacket?  NO, that’s unlikely.

Anyway, I’ve never been a sci-fi fan, and this one’s going back to the charity sale.

CDN $37.95!; USA $24.99; Bestseller Sale $5.99

ed. ?/”L

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= ‘under construction’ until further notice!


*CELESTIAL HARMONIES: At a SOLID 1.75″ thick in a SMALL typeface, my cousin judged this to be UN-readable for me; returned to charity sale no.3 [£9.99; sale $7.49; $1]

*DOCTORS: I keep remembering Love-Story.-the movie…/?very sort-of….
{falling apart…currently missing]

*SIX WEEKS…started but…

*SON of a HUNDRED KINGS: …tiny text & old newsprint;  returned to charity sale no.2

comments please!

* repeats

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If Only…

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2017-FEB-18 About time I made her, her own page…
it started with (Ed.) 2009/10/11 (?)
…the native will shine in occupations which are connected with:
the judiciary, hospital or prison…:

  • The Want-Ad Killer, The (CARIGNAN)
  •  I-5 Killer, The
  •  Last Dance, Last Chance
  •  Lust Killer
  • Somewhere in there is BUNDY – “Stranger
  •  Rose for Her Grave, A – I prob’ly have more of these ‘Story+’ tomes, don’t like them,  recently passed on two, and have just decided, ‘Garage-Sale (2017-02-18)
  • If You Really Love Me , below,
  • Green River, Flowing Red – her BEST, to me,
    b/c she puts a really personal focus on  the VICTIMS,
    as well as the investigation (?)




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