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In Memory of David Leslie Cozens, to whom this book belonged.


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  ©1972; HardCover $6.95


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Just came across this in the ?/Half-Read books shelf…

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From my days in nursing school.
I remember the whole class being very upset b/c we [?/rarely] never USED this expensive, required, ~ 3″ tome.  Don’t know how much I’ve used it since, if at all – generally prefer Mosby’s editions.

ll keep it closer to them for a while, and if it’s NOT useful, hopefully I can FreeCycle it; I’ll @ least donate it to charity

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Passchendaele-mjfThis is the FIRST time I’ve read a NOVELbased-on-(a)-screenplay and I must say that our {Canuck]  Paul Gross completed yet another first-rate feat.

2017-Nov-27 1330h

I have adored Gross since Due South.*  For anyone {Yanks included], who thinks there’s no difference between Us and Them {and obviously has never been any place we holiday together], THIS is the easiest way to view our many differences.

This is also the first time I have had to finish a novel by reading every page TWICE [this waiting in my doctor’s office for a most-unusual 1 3/4 hours after a VERY rough couple-of-weeks; even though i am better, I ‘m still exhausted].

It is also the second time I have finished a book just-before -seeing-him [neither of us has seen the flick yet]  AND intending to lend it to him immediately after posting here.

In any case, Dr. Thos. M. F. Greavette is the best doctor in St. Catharines and beyond and ALWAYS worth ANY wait!

* Wikipedia is in financial straights!

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[My version not exactly as shown]

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I dagainst-will_434id my Grade Nine

[Canadian for ‘Ninth Gr.”]

history essay on medicine in the 1900’s.
After reading Against Their Will, geez, I’n not sure which was worse;
no, 19th Century medicine may have been ignorant,
but, @ least in America, the 20th Century  – or @ least the first 75 years of it, was WORSE;
using the most vulnerable of society as human guinea pigs!


For the book that turned HeLa Cells into a PERSON for me, see here.

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?/ Especially when read soon after Henrietta Lacks!/?

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