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Read in a MOST haphazard way; plus the book was already falling apart and continued to do so!

As a former nse, I MIGHT ReRead another cc ALL AT ONCE.

There WAS one @ the corner store..


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I’ve had a floater in my non-dominant eye for [a while now]; it  further complicates HYPO-tension w/ attending balance and occasional dizziness.

AND GOUT in my dominant foot

Now I’ve got one in my DOMINANT eye!

One of my friends lost her ability to read d/t [?/a combination of] meds,
and fellow Biblio-Followers will know that I have ALWAYS read,
and cannot imagine how my friend has been coping
let alone how I might!

How do you treat floaters in your eyes?
Move your eyes — this shifts the fluid around. Look up and down, that usually works better than side to side. If you have so many that they block your vision, your eye doctor may suggest surgery called a vitrectomy. He’ll remove the vitreous and replace it with a salt solution.

When eye floaters are serious?
They can be. Seeing flashes of light or getting a new floater or many floaters can be a sign that the vitreous gel is pulling on your retina. The retina is the tissue at the back of the eye that receives images. A torn or damaged retina can cause vision loss, and this vision loss is sometimes permanent.

So, despite bureaucracy and a ‘snow-day’ LAST  Fri., I’m not taking any chances!

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d/t a terrible new neighbour,
who, un-employed, seems to be awake from ~ 0245 to[1445].

My insomnia seems to be morphing from [what’s the proper nomenclature?!?] *
[‘early awakening’]**
TO the inability to FALL asleep d/t the new noises,
despite meds which have always worked before,
and despite the fact that this has NEVER been my problem before.

I have a 10 AM [***] Ophthalmology appt.
and am so afraid of my new ‘sleeping in’ to 6AM; 7AM; [earlier this week after] 9AM!

*Am I forgetting more Nsg than I knew? I’ve always been blessed w/ that d*mn-near perfect memory!

** Before that. I used to LEAVE for Daytime Nursing shifts for a free shuttle @/~ 0610 q qAM;and before THAT it was Nursing rotations…also SIX-ish

***[was Emergency 0945h last FRI.]

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I was shocked to discover @ my last eye exam that I have been BLESSED with uncommonly good eyes for a life-long reader; I can read everything sans ‘top-rows’ sans assistance and need not be reported to our Ministry of Transportation as needing glasses to drive.

Having said that, I WANT to read the following,
but the typeface is just too small for comfort!


I’ve been wanting to read this for AGES!

BUT!! The Bl**dy font is too damn small!!

Have any of you read this, SVP?

Do any of you know what happened to poor Stevie Cameron FOR TELLING THE TRUTH?

Did the most-HATED PM in Canadian history repay us our $MILLION for “Damages?”

Obviously, he taught his daughter, now running for office herself, some tricks – or surely she’d not DARE to ‘run’.



DONATED PaperBack to Avondale 18-03-XX;
$USA 6.99; CDN 8.99 !!/ZELLERS!! “Top Twenty:


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What’s Your FOOD SIGN?

I seem to remember liking this…plan to re-read w/ a VERY few CookBooks.

HardCover $USA 18.95; CDN 26.95; Goodwill $2

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An absolute treasure!

‘Coincidentally’,  I picked this up AT THE SAME TIME and read AFTER The Search for Anna Fisher

Nice SoftCover; $USA 18.95; CDN 22.99; $1

That’s all folks!

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