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Have to have another look…

List $19.95; no provenance;
pp tagged

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Ed. – Prob’ly belongs to Edward Barash, wherever the H you went…
your siblings out west are looking for you!
Details Missing 2019-Mar-10

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Once upon a time I was an ~120 lb. womyn
[too old for auto-metric-1]
a nurse who could transfer double-amputees on her own, with the most gorgeous gams-2,
and a perfect heart-shaped bum

Then I semi-retired and –
gained ~20 lbs. – all my friends said I’d never looked better.

Then THING-A happened and…

I shrunk to a 100 lbs. in mere months.
The proverbial “Healthy as a horse” FOR 47 years, I was
blessed w/ a constitution that ensured [Nse.-]Managers
I’D make MY shifts while others dropped around me.

  1. First came Early-awakening, which HAD left me awakening in the dark for ELEVEN YEARS;I have finally awoken in daylight – 2018!
  2. Then THING-B happened, Chronic Disease#1 d/t SIDE EFFECT of meds;
    pretty unforgivable considering thr environment I was inhabiting @ the time!
    Tardive Dyskinesia ROBBING me of my trademark, life-long smile!

[and ensuing, distinctive! laugh, that assured that altho 5 ft. 3″
could be located in ANY room, even a Ballroom!

3. Waiting in-the-wings was GOUT [of the foot] from my father

[women may inherit this only from their fathers, and it generally first appears circa menopause].

Then THING-A kind-of re-occurred,

BUT I Found THE greatest [and only] course in Niagara,
and I also have the best FMD.

4. BUT Next has come the un-bearable Chronic Disease#x.
leaving my life nothing but a fantasy.



1] DID YOU KNOW? Canada has been officially metric since 1980.
Compare THAT to advertising fliers…

2] plural noun: gams a leg, especially in reference to the shapeliness of a woman’s leg

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I remember this as pretty interesting, although getting the ingredients HERE may present a challenge.  

$ [USA] 9.95; CDA 12.95!

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Haven’t HAD a garden for a while, but

1997, $21.95; LABEL $10 reduced to $5

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Originally “Are you ready for Christmas Candy? 2008-NOV-16

This is remarkable. If you have no particular interest, please pass it on to the bakers in your life.

Just click on the name of the CANDY and bam the recipe appears!

Thanks to DHM

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Much Depends On Dinner


I ADORED this book.  Full of both ?/’fun facts’ and solid info.

Original corner cut off; LABEL $10/$3

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What’s Your FOOD SIGN?

I seem to remember liking this…plan to re-read w/ a VERY few CookBooks.

HardCover $USA 18.95; CDN 26.95; Goodwill $2

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Maybe influenced by [the timing of] Middlesex..from the two-decade discrepancy b/t  Desdemona’s actual and recorded ages and the doctor researching the whole-Mediterranean-diet-thing, I thought this might yield some fast ideas…have to look when I’m NOT hungry [AS IF]. ha-ha-ha-smiley-emoticon

All the way from The Australian Women’s Weekly [Home Library] to S/W Ontario, Canada

That’s all folks!

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I didn’t buy this for me; At present I’m an [underweight] ectomorph, so it must’ve been for friends. It’s a Rodale Press book, so I’ll keep it for now.

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