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I’ve been a political-junkie for most of my adult life, and I really enjoyed this!

Finished 2018-FEB-12 1954h
HardCover $USA 24.95!/$1


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(Ed. 18-MAR-18)


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Best knowN of course for The DaVinci Code, these other items have their merits too.

  • ANGELS & DEMONS: As the person who first lent it to me said, an UNAPPRECIATED adventure BESIDES The DaVinci Code [2018-07-23];
    Boubt what I thot was a better cc of the PaperBack, but it isn’t, [taped]

$USA 7.99; CDN 11.99 [whaaat?]/$1returnedtaped

  • DECEPTION POINT: A real roller-coaster!

$USA 9.99; CDN 12.99!; gift from Verna

  • HUNTING the LOST SYMBOL – DVD – great before a (return) visit to DC; see also below

Avondale Watched $CDN 3/$9.99

  • LOST SYMBOL, The: Would’ve been REALLY interesting had this been published when I had Congressional Passes.  Obviously of MOST interest to Yanks but still so for those who aren’t.  Wish someone would do the same with OUR Parliament Buildings…

HardCover $USA29.95; CDN 36.95!; $2


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I LOVE Mercer’s ‘rants.’  [Some] now read as dated, but still made me laugh.
Will keep for now.

HardCover $29.95!

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bad+lonelyAnybody else [Canuck/Brit} remember W.H Smith stores?  ©1976; $CDN 6.95

pic edited to try to emphasize photo

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Home is where the heartbreak
Wraps cold around my bones
~ Beth Orton

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Surprisingly, I found @ least five typos nearer the end; MOST unusual for a British press.

My cc a bit mis-shapen.

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I have always been fascinated by the Amish.  I’m fairly certain I picked up a different one of these @ a local condo-complex yard-sale years ago…



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Enjoyed very much!

#4! Brethren, The: “WD St. Kitts Central Library 2006-OCT-20

 © 2006; $USA 19.99
[Happy Birthday Uncle Gord!]

That’s all folks!

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AT LEAST Two of these books are in a newer paperback format;
(another one was a Grisham).  These are a bit taller AND NARROWER
AND EASIER TO READ – I wish EVERY publisher would adopt this format!


  • BONES:

finished 17-Nov-7 (?); $CDN 11.99; 6.69; $1


finished 18-OCT-07; $USA 999.; CDA 12.99;
Target 25% off – did NOT last long in Canada

  • DECEPTION: I started this is in December, but didn’t get very far…don’t remember why

Finished 2018-Feb
$USA 9.99; CDN 10.99; 6.69; $1

  • OBSESSION: in poor condition

Finished 2018-Feb
[Label] $9.99; $1

  • SURVIVAL of the FITTEST: cover-to-cover; finished 2018-Jan

$USA 7.50; CDN 9.99

  • TIME BOMB: I’ve a bookmark here @ pp 400…? [on 17-DEC-02]; also/finished 2018-Jan

$USA 7.99; CDN 10.99

To TORONTO-NIANS: – Anybody know where (banjo player) GLENn Kellerman is now?

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[v .ed.]

Why aren’t these in alpha-order? By order of PUBLICATION?


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BLOW-FLY: The HardCover was just sitting there for weeks, so I bought it too (2018-Sep).

(Large print; no price listed.}$1

XX[ca. 18-9-10) $ USA 26.95; CDA 36.00!; $1

PREDATOR:  I REALLY liked this one! Not sure why; but this really was a page-turner!

Preferred size of paperback; why can’t they all be like this now?
$ USA 9.95; CDN 12.50!/$1


$USA 7.99; CDN 10.99/label 6.59…


HC; $1; Box 19-02

POST-MORTEM (17-Nov-01)
Published ‘way back’ 1990; I take this to be her ?/second {/?Scarperttanovel?

After Cruel & Unusual?

  • Help me out here, SVP, fellow-fans!
  • There’s a lot more attn. to detail, methinks,
    and it’s FUN to remember our world w/ terms such as “DP [“Data-ProcESsing”, you young-‘uns!]”.

PREDATOR: Not sure why; but this really was a page-turner!

$ USA 9.99; CDN 10.99!/$1
2018-Aug-19 @ 1810h

SCARPETTA FACTOR; The: 2018-09-13 Read, but RE-reading [almost finished AGAIN] b/c I missed something…and then I missed something AGAIN…/$1




Hardcover, LargePrint; $=?/$1; all the way from San Dimas. CA:
2018-Aug 10 @ 2137h


$USA 7.99; CDN 10.99!

 That’s all folks!

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An Eleven-Thousand-Year Archaeological Outline
National Museums of Canada

filled with information and photos\

As well as the ONTARIO bookstore on Bay, there is/was a FEDERAL distributor on lower Yonge of official maps and treasures like this; then a hefty-whole $7.25

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