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I adored the movie, but the book is even better, [of course].  19th – Read a long time ago but STILL haunts me.

Spine-damaged 2nd-hand
HardCover ©1994; $USA25.00;
CDN 35.00


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but for some reason
I read this over many stages,
between many other books

so there are more-than-usual notes;
see The Reader’s Journal

 and thEsE BEFORE it slipped down the head-of-the-bed


Methinks it had never been read either! £7.99

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In Memory of David Leslie Cozens, to whom this book belonged.


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  ©1972; HardCover $6.95

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I can’t remember when I’ve either READ – much less ENJOYED -a ‘true crime’ book so much since the one that got me reading again.  The story is MOST complex with many interesting characters.

ADDED: And THIS when it started falling apart AND I kept losing my place.

I spent time editing both the pic seen left AND repairing the book itself [HINT – UHU glue [plus, to a lesser extent true book-tape] and am thrilled @ how well it turned out!

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Home is where the heartbreak
Wraps cold around my bones
~ Beth Orton

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Surprisingly, I found @ least five typos nearer the end; MOST unusual for a British press.

My cc a bit mis-shapen.

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I read mostly abed.  This is a HEAVY tome of over 525 pages in small type – and worth every nanosecond of required manipulation.

ALSO: Gringo Nightmare and Against All Hope

$Cdn 37.50

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I only read this books in spurts…I seemed to miss some WITHOUT it mattering.

I MAY give it another try.

My subconscious [DUH] has just made it clear at some/?-MANY of these ‘thrillers’ have a ‘romantic aspect’ to them.  It’s really starting to bug me.  If I WANTED to ‘Read  Romance,  Harlequin alone must have THOUSANDS of titles!

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