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Seagrams-The-Spirit-of-Hospitality-C400NOt that I’m NOT hospitable, but I basically don’t drink, and I’ll never be a Bartender…

Still, there is the whole Seagram’s history thing, e.g.,
a University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) Special Collections & Archives

= on the fence
what do YOU think?

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?/ Especially when read soon after Henrietta Lacks!/?

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I know these are NOT acceptable in recycling where I live
because they ‘tangle everything (else) up!

These Biodegradable Beer Six-Pack Rings Could Save the World’s Oceans


With scientists warning that the oceans may contain more plastic than fish by 2050, shit’s getting real with the health of our marine life. It’s high time we found an alternative to clogging the seas with plastic.

Saltwater Brewery may have found one. The Florida-based brewery recently unveiled a new biodegradable six-pack ring, which is also safely edible for sea-dwelling creatures.

We’ve all seen the shocking images of fish, turtles, and dolphins trapped in the plastic rings used to hold six-packs of beer together, but fish and animals can also die from ingesting the packaging, and plastic hangs around on ocean beds long after it’s dropped. During the Marine Conservation Society’s report of litter on Britain’s beaches last year, 960.8 pieces of plastic or polystyrene were picked up per kilometre of the beaches surveyed.

Saltwater’s new invention, however, is 100 percent biodegradable. It’s also highly sustainable, made from the wheat and barley remnants leftover from the beer-brewing process.


MORE: Our Oceans Could Contain More Plastic Than Fish by 2050


The invention is being welcomed by both environmentalists and animal welfare campaigners. In a statement, Sara Howlett from the RSPCA told MUNCHIES: “This is a heartening idea as it has the potential to cut down on the large number of animals that are harmed by this kind of litter.Litter of any description inflicts such needless suffering to animals and so far this year, the RSPCA has already received 592 calls to its cruelty line reporting incidents where animals have been hurt, injured, or affected by litter.”

But will edible beer packaging catch on or is this just a passing publicity gimmick? Beavertown Brewery, an independent craft brewery based in London, currently uses a system of reusable clips on their six-packs, which are supplied free of charge to shops who sell their beer. They don’t have plans to change this system but salute what Saltwater are doing.

“Saltwater Brewery’s initiative to have a less negative impact on wildlife is really important, and let’s hope bigger breweries follow their example,” says Kamilla Hannibal, Beavertown’s digital content manager. “It’s important to dare to try new things and take sustainability seriously in any way you can as a company.”

With countless bars and now even discount supermarkets jumping on the recent craft beer bandwagon, perhaps eco-friendly packaging is set to be the next big trend.

Just don’t forget to stick the can in the recycling, too.

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So yesterday i was at my friend’s cabin in the crowsnest pass, helping him remove some stones from a walkway near his cabin in order to build up a small retaining wall, and when we started to remove some of the stones from one particular area, we discovered a small flat metal cover buried under the lawn. More importantly we also discovered a small hole under that cover that did not make sense. We then dug out the rest of the cover and then took it off, to find a concrete entrance to a large underground storage room.. A large space hidden from view for possibly decades, if not longer..

It turns out that the crowsnest pass was a lively area during Alberta’s prohibition era around 1916 (who knew Canada had prohibition? I didn’t..) And many of the coal miners living here back then made back yard stills and hidden wine cellars to get around the law.

This log cabin dates back to that era, and is full of past secrets and stories that we may never know completely. But it looks like we found one of the stories totally by accident.
~ D. Scott Moore

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A great Canadian invention. http://cbc.sh/EAl5xCm;
not sure – think the facebook video was edited/a little different

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