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Thanks to LST [?] fb

1, 4,

7 (@ friends’ urging; short experiment),

8, 9 (including as a member of the Toronto Raging Grannies, citizen advocate/s for The  Greatest Canadian: winner РTommy Douglas),

12 (@ age 14/15!),
14, 15, 16, 17, 19 = 11/20

Don’t want: 3, 10, 18 (20) = 15/20


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Thanks to BGR

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Brain Study


Thanks to CLP

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Only for Geniuses

too early for me!


Tease Dat Brain! ¬†What’s the answer: I’ll explain later, so don’t post your reasons, just your answers
Update 4/21: There’s 1 mathematical formula answer so far. The rest are patterns. So far 1 pattern seems to be most popular.
Update 4/17: There are at least 2 correct answers that can be proved. So everyone, if you post a number that hasn’t yet been posted, tell us why as well. Maybe there’ll be more than 2 answers…

Thanks to SMS

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I’m confused: letters or INDIVIDUAL letters?


Thanks to SMS

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Thanks to STM

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Success Blockers

facebook “Suggested Post” – I rarely click these


Quiz BELOW video РVIDEO RESPONSE = for later

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