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Thanks to LST [?] fb

1, 4,

7 (@ friends’ urging; short experiment),

8, 9 (including as a member of the Toronto Raging Grannies, citizen advocate/s for The  Greatest Canadian: winner РTommy Douglas),

12 (@ age 14/15!),
14, 15, 16, 17, 19 = 11/20

Don’t want: 3, 10, 18 (20) = 15/20


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Thanks to BGR

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Brain Study


Thanks to CLP

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Only for Geniuses

too early for me!


Tease Dat Brain! ¬†What’s the answer: I’ll explain later, so don’t post your reasons, just your answers
Update 4/21: There’s 1 mathematical formula answer so far. The rest are patterns. So far 1 pattern seems to be most popular.
Update 4/17: There are at least 2 correct answers that can be proved. So everyone, if you post a number that hasn’t yet been posted, tell us why as well. Maybe there’ll be more than 2 answers…

Thanks to SMS

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I’m confused: letters or INDIVIDUAL letters?


Thanks to SMS

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Thanks to STM

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Success Blockers

facebook “Suggested Post” – I rarely click these


Quiz BELOW video РVIDEO RESPONSE = for later

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Inside each of us is a little voice of reason that’s always telling us what we should be doing and another that tells us what we really want to do. When you listen equally to both, you’re acting your age, but for a lot of people that just isn’t the case. How old do you really act?


Thanks to LST

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Thanks to LST

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I got Emma


Thanks to SMS (Sophia)

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