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Please remember that honey bees are not native to North America. Bumblebees are much more endangered than honeybees as are most of our other native bees. If you see honeybees, it is usually because someone is keeping them…there are wild colonies too, but they won’t be thriving everywhere. But two of Ontario’s most common species of bumbles have gone virtually extinct since neonics came into common use. There are hundreds of other (mostly solitary) bee species that are just as important in their role as pollinators. They need native plants, undisturbed weed patches, old lumber and logs, old raspberry canes, messy leaf litter, patches of bare earth here and there, as they have many survival strategies and overwinter in things that people are forever trying to “clean up” or pave over. Book by Dr. Lawrence Packer: “Keeping the Bees” puts this all in perspective.

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