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The gifs out there are bigger than my referencing images?!?!  I was trying to DO greater justice to the memories of:





  • (Richard) Dean Langley
  • Damon (Guy – NOT en francais) Wootten


  • ‘Car Dave’ – David Simons
  • ‘Upstairs Dave’ – David Leslie Cozens

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Thanks to STM, Anglican Priest-fb

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                  But still, I am one.

      I cannot do everything,
      But I can do something:
      And because I cannot do everything,
      I will not refuse to do the something
      That I CAN do.”     

         ~ Edward Everett, Author

People are stressed for so many reasons at this time of year and can act in disappointing ways. No doubt, there will be something or someone disappointing to you this holiday season. You may have an occasion to feel irritated, or let down, or, like me this morning, entertaining a resentment.

 It was there as soon as I awoke, a resentment sitting in my chest and I noticed I was feeding it with various and sundry thoughts.

 I know some of my ‘coachees’ are also having some challenging feelings. It’s that time of year. No doubt there will be other feelings like this—resentments or disappointments, or sadnesses, for you and for me. Someone might act in a small, classless way. Someone might not be caring of your needs. That happens.

 The antidote?

 For me, it’s forgiveness. I spent a few minutes forgiving the person I was resenting for not being who I wanted them to be. I told myself, “So what if that person isn’t perfect? Am I going to let it wrinkle my day?” (If the resentment had been really strong, I would have written it out on a piece of paper and then scrunched it up and thrown it away. That can be a great way of letting go of something.)

 I have choices. I am in charge of how I feel. So I chose to let it go.

 What would you like to let go of today?

 Do it now.

 Have the holiday YOU want. It’s there. Not outside you, but inside you…
every blessing for joy, delight and inner peace this holiday.

Blessings to you this week and every week,

Karen – Create-Your-Best-Life Coach, www.personbest.org Tel: 705-645-8371
THE WISDOM WEEKLY is a newsletter full of tips, resources and ideas about how to live Your Best Life.

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I THOUGHT I read  “…author of SophiE’S CHOICE, but no matter…

I ADORED THIS…haunting [which, if you haven’t guessed yet,  it my highest accolade] iN more than one respect!

2017-NOV-24 1620h
Giant Tiger; $CDN 4.99

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2018-01-24 1630h EXACT
Vintage Canada [?] $22.00



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Thanks to LST [?] fb

1, 4,

7 (@ friends’ urging; short experiment),

8, 9 (including as a member of the Toronto Raging Grannies, citizen advocate/s for The  Greatest Canadian: winner – Tommy Douglas),

12 (@ age 14/15!),
14, 15, 16, 17, 19 = 11/20

Don’t want: 3, 10, 18 (20) = 15/20


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