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Book Conservators: SVP:

  • Will the Silica pax used is seed packages protect a failing apart book of great reproductions?

    Is is better for the book to be in

{i know, acid, free paper, but i have naught}

  • some kind of HOUSEHOLD PAPER, e.g.,…
  • or a ZipLok ?

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A tiny tome filled with reproductions.

2017-Dec-10 – RELATED?!?!?!?!

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More Quotable Quotes

tons more ‘New Age Wisdom’, including “quotable quotes”


that’s all folks!

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My cousin and i used to drive around the then-much-smaller GTA and look @ old cemeteries. It is NOT macabre to go seeking them; they represent local history. Two interesting guides are shown here.

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Old Man Goya


The resolution, left, is NOT great, but the book was!

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A Fairy World [ed2+]

by Frederick Morgan

The resolution is too intense in image, left.

I confess I can’t remember how I acquired this; possibly my mother, but methinks a former neighbour.
MY print is in a GORGEOUS frame, so I’m unsure what do do with it. (limited wall space due to BOOKS.)

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