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?/ Limited ed. 

HardCover w/ [slipping[ book-jacket

MY grandfather was one of the first 25 Japanese in Toronto, arriving here w. a Master’s in Engineering.  He went to work for the railway in what was then New Toronto.  My uncle and father ware born and raised in Canada in the mid 1920’s [ALSO in New Toronto].

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“These are a few of my favoUrite things”


Beautiful Prentice-Hall SoftCover

..there is no way to describe just how beautiful this tome is.


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also strains of [Medical] Marijuana [Canada]

I have NEVER been a “clothes-hound“, and have ALWAYS preferred to “read one more chapter” THAN “get up early to DO my make-up*”…but I saw first a HERRINGBONE zip-up-FLEECE-jacket and then some LINED leggings** – AND I PURCHASED THEM BOTH.

Sotted another woman on HOUNDSTOOTH.

Funny, last summer was all about acquisition of coloUr and this season, based only on sizing; changed to B&W,

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I purchased this for my ex-husband, but it never got to him.  I can’t even remember if I’ve read it, but I love HER MUSIC, so I will.


$USA 17.95;
CDN 24.95 (!);
a) Blow-Out 9.99;

b) Special 1.99

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Book Conservators: SVP:

  • Will the Silica pax used is seed packages protect a failing apart book of great reproductions?

    Is is better for the book to be in

{i know, acid, free paper, but i have naught}

  • some kind of HOUSEHOLD PAPER, e.g.,…
  • or a ZipLok ?

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A tiny tome filled with reproductions.

2017-Dec-10 – RELATED?!?!?!?!

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More Quotable Quotes

tons more ‘New Age Wisdom’, including “quotable quotes”


that’s all folks!

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My cousin JOHN and I used to drive around the then-much-smaller GTA*( and look @ old cemeteries. It is NOT macabre to go seeking them; they represent local history. Two interesting guides are shown here.

*Greater TORONTO Area

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Early Ontario Gravestones

Stories Behind the Stones: $USA 8.50 Coles $1; Coles 0.50¢

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