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Darn…where’s my info on my WHITE Poppy…

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OMG! What a page-turner. Although I was unable to do one of my all-day readings, I was LUSTING TO!

Beautiful SoftCover,
$CDA 24.95;

used (label) $5;
makes me think from Booksmart


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Cosy Spot


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Purchased for my cousin Steven last Xmas,
but he had to return to BRASIL,
so I guess I’ll try it THIS…winter

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Best known for Bridges of Madison County
[why isn’t that here?).
THIS tome isn’t an happily-ever-after [though so close..]
but rather a journey…


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Oil & Water

Wordsmith: Player

alas, alas: ?/mis-read body language and VERNACULAR* barriers


  • The language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people in a particular country or region.”he wrote in the vernacular to reach a larger audience”
    language, dialect, regional language, regionalisms, patois, parlance;
    More idiom, slang, jargon;
    informallingo, -speak, -ese “the preppy vernacular of Orange County”
    the terminology used by people belonging to a specified group or engaging in a specialized activity.
    …(language) spoken as one’s mother tongue; not learned or imposed as a second language…

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Once upon a time I was an ~120 lb. womyn
[too old for auto-metric-1]
a nurse who could transfer double-amputees on her own, with the most gorgeous gams-2,
and a perfect heart-shaped bum

Then I semi-retired and –
gained ~20 lbs. – all my friends said I’d never looked better.

Then THING-A happened and…

I shrunk to a 100 lbs. in mere months.
The proverbial “Healthy as a horse” FOR 47 years, I was
blessed w/ a constitution that ensured [Nse.-]Managers
I’D make MY shifts while others dropped around me.

  1. First came Early-awakening, which HAD left me awakening in the dark for ELEVEN YEARS;I have finally awoken in daylight – 2018!
  2. Then THING-B happened, Chronic Disease#1 d/t SIDE EFFECT of meds;
    pretty unforgivable considering thr environment I was inhabiting @ the time!
    Tardive Dyskinesia ROBBING me of my trademark, life-long smile!

[and ensuing, distinctive! laugh, that assured that altho 5 ft. 3″
could be located in ANY room, even a Ballroom!

3. Waiting in-the-wings was GOUT [of the foot] from my father

[women may inherit this only from their fathers, and it generally first appears circa menopause].

Then THING-A kind-of re-occurred,

BUT I Found THE greatest [and only] course in Niagara,
and I also have the best FMD.

4. BUT Next has come the un-bearable Chronic Disease#x.
leaving my life nothing but a fantasy.



1] DID YOU KNOW? Canada has been officially metric since 1980.
Compare THAT to advertising fliers…

2] plural noun: gams a leg, especially in reference to the shapeliness of a woman’s leg

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I actually awake MANY TIMES in the light-of-day
this last summer and fall!


2018-11-26 INSOMNIACS ?

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