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Seagrams-The-Spirit-of-Hospitality-C400NOt that I’m NOT hospitable, but I basically don’t drink, and I’ll never be a Bartender…

Still, there is the whole Seagram’s history thing, e.g.,
a University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) Special Collections & Archives

= on the fence
what do YOU think?


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In VERY poor condition;

© 1932

The Civic repertory TheatRE
SAMUEL FRENCH (incl. NYC & Hollywood)

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Read all about it…


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I remember this as hilarious.

Softcover $USA 14.95;
CDN 19.95;
Label $2/50¢

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Long a columnist with The Toronto Star, this is a comprehensive little tome.


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ADDED 18-03-21: I should have explained that this is “the moving story of Japanese CDNS during WWII…through the eyes of a young girl.”

To understand me & mine, it’s helpful to read this book and why my Uncle felt more @ home in Brasil* than he did in  his country of birth.

The ‘Legacy’ SHOULD have been that this is part of the Canadian curriculum…me…I found it decades ago browsing in the CanLit section just AFTER high school.

*Brasil has the second-largest population of Japanese next to Japan.

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Read in a MOST haphazard way; plus the book was already falling apart and continued to do so!

As a former nse, I MIGHT ReRead another cc ALL AT ONCE.

There WAS one @ the corner store..

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