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Will keep [sorry; but…]
my Roman-Catholic-raised friends

HardCover; ?/un-touched’


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Doors to Other Worlds from from POST entitled “ARE thEsE Worth Reading, SVP, slideshow”

OF COURSE books on this topic are!

  • Another Door Opens: $USA 14.99; CDN 16.99
  • Doors to Other Worlds:
  • Seance: LABEL CDN $6/3×2


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The gifs out there are bigger than my referencing images?!?!  I was trying to DO greater justice to the memories of:





  • (Richard) Dean Langley
  • Damon (Guy – NOT en francais) Wootten


  • ‘Car Dave’ – David Simons
  • ‘Upstairs Dave’ – David Leslie Cozens

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“Based on…letters…of a 17th Century nun.”
Glaringly shows the difference of the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots.’  Also haunting.

£7.99; $USA 12.95;
used $CDN 5

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xmas-promise-lodge.jpgOK, I did it again…read the back sans the spine before purchase: “Inspirational [FINE!]//
Romance.   But this was FAR superior to that one I returned (Dark Crossings), and, as the Booklist (starred review) wrote, “Hubbard writes of healing and brave new beginnings from a refreshingly feminist perspective.”

I’ve lent this to my Evangelical-Mennonite neighbour ( I didn’t even know such a sect existed until we met), nut then there seem to be more Evangelical-X’s in the-905 than you can believe…

She informs me that one pronounces “Amish”


?/17-12-16 1933h

$USA; 8.95; $CDN  8.99/$1

That’s all folks!

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I have always been fascinated by the Amish.  I’m fairly certain I picked up a different one of these @ a local condo-complex yard-sale years ago…



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Enjoyed very much!

#4! Brethren, The: “WD St. Kitts Central Library 2006-OCT-20

 © 2006; $USA 19.99
[Happy Birthday Uncle Gord!]

That’s all folks!

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