celtsMakes me want to read ‘the full version, i.e., enjoyed very, very much

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I’m guessing at the bookjacket, as my cc was purchased sans one, but IS purple-with-black-binding.

Dear Followers HELP. SVP!
Did I see this as an` decade-ago-flick
or was that an awful dream?

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[?/ I seem to recall enjoying this very much.]


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Really enjoyed this,
particularly as I’ve long had a ‘thing’ about Bountiful, B.C., et al

including the Utah Olympics where so many womyn & children  SUBSIST on ‘welfare’
…honestly, how many people can one man truly look after!

to Canucks…[SO] Initially, the author’s surname really threw me…
You may search THIS site for more about Bountiful


bedside reading for
when you don’t know what you want to read


The resolution, left, is NOT great, but the book was!