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¬†The only reason there is a surplus is because they sold assets to create a surplus. Also dipped into contingency funding which is meant for fiscal emergency. The conservatives just wanted to tell everyone they have a surplus to lie in the upcoming campaign AND…and most of the “promises” in the budget do not begin to take place until after the election.

Yeah and most of the “promises” in the budget do not begin to take place until after the election.

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As the original sender said, “Amazing!”


For Immediate release: April 20, 2015
New Music Video sings the Praises of the ‘Anti-Terrorist’ Bill C-51


When I first tried to open this, YouTube told me I could not because Safety Zone was enabled. [The link in the original e-mail was “Blocked::http://youtu.be/Xzst_vy49xM” – there are some other characters in this link and I can’t get rid of them]. I had to go to “Safety” and change to “Off.”
[I also had to LISTEN more than READ; might be my internet connection?]

VANCOUVER – The Conservative government has a melodic new weapon in the run-up to this week’s vote on it’s controversial Anti-Terrorism Bill C-51. The music video – “A Little Help from Big Fear” by Stevie and the ConserviCats – extolls the virtues of “Big Fear” and its power to win elections and steamroller any opposition to Conservative government priorities.

In addition to lead vocals and piano by Stevie the Chief Conservative Crooner, the video features cameos by a galaxy of online video stars including multi-million viewed faves “Keyboard Cat” and “Nina the Piano Cat.”

Don’t miss this educational and fun trash-talking of the critics of Bill C-51 who include: First Nations, the Canadian Bar Association, the Canadian Privacy Commissioner, four former Prime Ministers and Supreme Court judges, three former members of the Security Intelligence Review Committee, as well as many mainstream media outlets, unions and most of Canadian civil society.

For more information, contact
Seriously Free Speech Committee
Email: info@seriouslyfreespeech.ca
Website: http://seriouslyfreespeech.ca
Twitter: @sfreespeech

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Zero Credibility – After 7 years of running massive deficits, Conservatives only now realize they need to balance the budget. Under Liberal governments, Canada had 9 consecutive balanced budgets and paid off our debt! Take a look for yourself! [Bob Nault]


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