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I very much enjoyed this,
although I seemed to need a dictionary more t’wards the end.

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I was wary that this might be ‘wacky’,
so it took me two tries to ‘get into’ this,
but once I did I REALLY enjoyed it!

Does anyone else remember being fascinated by Minoan culture circa Grade Six (??) Social Studies?

This posits that Minoan Crete WAS Atlantis.
I’ll have to find more!

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One of those books you hate to finish;
I’ll definitely be on the lookout for a hardcover
copy  for my library!

2018-01-05…Happy Birthday Ray, Maggie and….
$USA 2.50; used $CDN 1.25…

Do any TORONTONIANS remember Half-Price Books on Bayview?¬† Everything was just that; HALF the cover-price…what a dream…

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