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I was introduced to this author when a friend-of-a-friend lent me a hardcover!
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  1. I read Odd Hours [Part II !] and confess that since I was always aware  i was missing odd-X and don’t remember much more.
  2. I JUST  finished Seize the Night and admit I found it  MUCH more engrossing than I’d thought it would be!
  3. Shattered/Whispered/Watchers – I don’t actually know what MY book-jacket looked like, as I acquired this sans same (It is a fat, red HardCover.)  I confess I’ve no memory of reading it (‘just like’ I just found a second Koontz entry in this blog).

Goodwill $3

That’s All Folks!


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Thanks to MjS

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As a Canadian, I/We still can’t believe the actual outcome:
see lower right


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Five Families

I read this YEARS ago,
and it’s possible I really liked it!

BTW, that arrow says 95 Cents!

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  • I think I came across my first tome for VERY cheap @ a garage-sale
  • ? “women’s fiction writer”

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A Fairy World [ed2+]

by Frederick Morgan

The resolution is too intense in image, left.

I confess I can’t remember how I acquired this; possibly my mother, but methinks a former neighbour.
MY print is in a GORGEOUS frame, so I’m unsure what do do with it. (limited wall space due to BOOKS.)

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