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…Traditionally, we celebrate birthdays with a cake and candles. However old we are, we place that many candles. We get very excited to blow out the candles, but what is being represented? If you think about it, it is all the years that are gone that are being blown away. And it’s not just one year that’s gone, it’s every day – every breath – that passed by.
How many moments, how many breaths, have we saved and appreciated? What we lose, we lose for a lifetime. Those moments will never come back. And what we save, we save for a lifetime.
~ Prem Rawat

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A cartoon by Liam Francis Walsh. View more from this week’s issue:http://nyr.kr/1FqSrIE

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I’m confused: letters or INDIVIDUAL letters?


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ADDED: facebook comment: I saw this on tumblr it will stain your feet blue

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The biggest myth about Welfare of all, would be to assume that any of us are immune to personal tragedies or the many other misfortunes that can lead to reliance on welfare. – Isabella Daley

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When someone we love leaves, a part of us goes with them. The pain is intense. It’s felt on all levels. Mentally, emotionally, physically–a part of us goes missing. But our spirit stays. It never leaves. Connect as often as you can to this part of your(self). Take as long as you want. Grief cannot be timed. The pain will subside. It will get easier. You will be happy again. Your loved one will stay in your heart. They will hang out in one of its chambers…eventually. You will think of them always. Not only on their birthday, an anniversary, or when they left. In your solitude, you will feel them stronger than ever. And you will know. You will know. They’ve not gone. They’re just a whisper away. They wait in your heart. They wait until it’s your turn to take a stroll through Heaven with them.

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I THOUGHT I posted something similar recently, but can’t find it now…


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