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2011-02-25 emphasis mine
Nine lives? Many Niagara cats barely get one.
Out of the 10 cats brought into the Lincoln County Humane Society every working day of the year, three of them are adopted and seven are euthanized.
That’s just one example of Niagara’s pet population crisis. Kevin Strooband, executive director of the LCHS, said more needs to be done to help end the tragedy he witnesses every day.
That’s why construction is underway for the humane society’s new clinic and adoption centre. The facility will add 5,000 square feet to the existing building on Fourth Ave. and will include a vet clinic to spay and neuter animals, allowing the humane society to expand its existing services to help reduce animal over-population in the region.
It will also institute a feral cat trap, neuter and return program, as well as a spay and neuter program for cat owners demonstrating financial need.
An aggressive approach to spaying and neutering is proven to work, Strooband said. He noted Barrie, Newmarket and Tonawanda, N.Y. are a few of the cities where it has been a proven method of control.
A press conference was held Thursday to help kick-start a community fundraising campaign to help cover the cost of the $2.5-million facility. While the federal government and the province have contributed $450,000 grants to match the society’s contribution, $1.6 million is still needed to run the clinic.
“This is the biggest campaign we’ve ever undertaken,” said Strooband.
“Funds are already in place to cover the construction, but not to outfit it with equipment.”
There are several naming opportunities available for those who donate larger sums. For $200,000, the clinic can be donated in the donor’s name. For $500, naming rights to cat or dog cages may be purchased.
Strooband said supporters have already dedicated $117,000 to the cause since last fall. “Our long-time supporters have donated, now we’re asking the public to come together,” he said.
“We know people in our community love animals and we’re asking them to step in so we can continue to do our work to help them.”
Construction of the new facility began in September. While it was originally expected to be completed by the end of March, it has been pushed back until May due to construction delays.

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2011-02-25 TORONTO…Energy Minister Brad Duguid has planted a wind turbine farm in PC Leader Tim Hudak’s political backyard.
The Niagara Region Wind Farm in Smithville is one of 40 new solar, wind and water “clean” energy projects unveiled by Duguid in an expansion of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program.
Duguid acknowledged that some of the wind projects have proven to be controversial – especially with the Liberals’ political opponents at Queen’s Park – but said they were important for the province’s future.
“Ontario could have taken the easy route and we could have not have made these critical investments – that was the advice of, frankly, both opposition leaders here in Ontario who have demonstrated a remarkable lack of leadership, fortitude and commitment when it comes to building a clean, reliable and modern energy system,” Duguid said Thursday.
“I know Ontario families are going to see right through these opposition leaders.”
However, the energy ministry issued a media release on Feb. 11 saying the provincial government would not proceed with proposed offshore wind projects, including one planned off the Scarborough Bluffs, while further scientific research is conducted.
Duguid represents the riding of Scarborough Centre.
Hudak said the McGuinty government accuses people of NIMBYism if they object to the arrival of a large wind or solar project in their communities, but was prepared to halt offshore wind farms when they threatened to derail their own election hopes.
They’ve coined a new term called NIMSAR … Not If My Seat’s At Risk,” he said. The Ontario PCs have called for a moratorium on FIT contracts.
“We have never supported and I would never sign these types of contracts – like 80 cents kWh –when the price is five cents in the marketplace,” Hudak said.
Asked if he supported the Smithville project, Hudak said he does not endorse any wind or solar farm that goes up without the clear approval of the local municipality.
These latest FIT contracts will create 7,000 direct and indirect jobs and pump an additional $3 billion worth of private investment into the Ontario economy while reducing the province’s reliance on smog-producing coal plants, Duguid said.
Of the 40 electricity projects announced Thursday, four are wind, one is water and the remainder are to be powered by the sun.

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DESIGNED FOR SLEEP – Designers know that you need your sleep so that you have lots of energy and enthusiasm for decorating and for good health. The best sleep occurs when a room is dark. Ensure that you can block the light from a room with room darkening blinds or curtains. Remove any unnecessary light from clocks, computers and televisions. A dark room is imperative for good rest and ensuring a solid nights rest is one of the best investments we can make.

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Levin is prob’ly best known for Rosemary’s Baby.
and The Stepford Wives (the 1975 version, thank you).
I don’t remember knowing that Ira Levin was the author of this book when I watched the movie of the same name; nor do I remember knowing this when attending/watching Deathtrap  (One of the most gripping plays I’ve ever seen).

Another good 50 cent read.

CANADIANA – the heroine’s artist friend has also exhibited in Toronto; the heroine resembles an actress born to Nova Scotia fishermen.

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I assume it’s only WET snow,
but the lawns are turning white.

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I had a difficult time ‘getting into’ this,
but around pp86 started to encounter some wonderful turns of the phrase.

At the end I learned that Ms. Claudia was b. in 1924,
which erased my earlier resistance to the ‘life-support machine’ introduced early in the story.

I ended up enjoying the book…not bad for 50 cents!

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