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2011-01-21 Tarion Warranty Corporation is now offering New Home Buyer Education Seminars online to help consumers understand the warranty that comes with newly built homes in Ontario. Tarion regulates Ontario’s home building industry and ensures purchasers receive the statutory warranty coverage that builders are required to provide. “Understanding Warranty Coverage'” is the first in a series of online topics designed to help purchasers better understand the new home warranty process and coverages. It provides a broad range of information on topics such as deposit and delayed closing protection, what is and is not covered under the work and materials warranties and how homeowners can go about making a warranty claim to their builder. For a quick introduction to the warranty’s key features, check out the ’10-Minute Guide to Ontario’s New Home Warranty.’ The newest addition to the online library is “What to Expect at a Tarion Inspection”, which provides specific information on what homeowners need to know before, during and after a conciliation inspection. It also explains the importance of a Pre- Delivery Inspection, how to make a claim and some exceptions to the warranty process. New topics are continually being developed so check back periodically. The seminars can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week on tarion.com.Topics are arranged in manner that allows viewers to quickly move through the presentation to the areas that are of most interest. “Offering educational seminars online allows us to reach homeowners across Ontario so they can better educate themselves about their warranty rights and responsibilities,” said Tarion President and CEO Howard Bogach. “Understanding not only the warranty process, but also the roles that builders and Tarion play will help provide a successful experience for new home buyers – and that is our goal.” In addition, relevant documents such as the Homeowner Information Package and the Construction Performance Guidelines are readily available in the resources section. In order to ensure continual improvement, Tarion encourages viewers to provide comments through the feedback section. One viewer commented, “I wish I had seen this prior to my purchase. Thank you for this seminar. [It] did a far better job in increasing my understanding of the home warranty.” To watch the online seminars go to http://www.tarion.comand select the link on the homepage. For those new homeowners who want to start managing their warranty online, register for MyHome at www.tarion.com.

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Thanks to (the internet) DEG,
(A little church humor for you )
and RM (Dance to life)
(all nurses!)

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winter 2010-11

LAST week yielded the first appreciable snowfall – enough for the ploughs to create snowbanks which will last; and TODAY was the first time nose and fingers felt frozen in mere seconds.

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had a FUN night with ‘the girls’ and DUNN

the weather [~12-14C] was perfect too!

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