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woman with butterflies


Thanks to SmS, LST, JC, DEG and…


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Thanks to DEG and SmS

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seen most recently in
“This is exactly what I needed today, hope it helps you too”

Thanks to PH and SmS

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Thanks to…J&B, JAB and SmS

* also seen in Avoiding the Flu

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dawn lights the street

now, I know they’ve had more snow in, e.g., London, ENGLAND, than here,
but I just looked it up and last year we made it ’til Dec. 22nd sans a real snowfall.
i hate cold, but after the summer we just had…

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Special Hello

especially for MAPZ and J&B;
FROM 2002-08-31


watch the little elf for a few seconds before scrolling down.


Hello there Nice Person
Did anyone ever tell you,
Just how special you are
the Light that you Emit
might even Light a Star

Did anyone ever tell you that
Many times when they were Sad
your E-mail made them Smile a bit
in fact it made them Glad

for the Time you spend sending things
and Sharing whatever you find
there are No words to thank you
but somebody thinks you’re Fine

Did anyone ever tell you
just how much they like you
well, my dear friend
today I am telling you

I believe that without a friend you are missing out on a lot!!!




Thanks to MAPZ, DMS, CC, PH and DEG

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