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Guardian Angel

FROM: 2007-10-02; AKA 600 Million Angels

to remind you that the angels are among us


Thanks to SmS…and BB


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FROM: (2002 and 2004)

Light in the Loafers

What SpiderLEAF Does in the Off-Season



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Dear Lord

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especially for SmS..and me!


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SEE ALSO Dear Lord...

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Deer Hunting

I still find it amazing that there is DEER hunting so close to Toronto

Deer hunt season underway

Hunters, hikers urged to play it safe, protect family pets

Pieter van Hiel, staff, 2010-11-04

The 2010 deer hunting season has opened in parts of Niagara Region. Local hunters, hikers, and other nature buffs are advised to be aware of all regulations and take appropriate precautions.
Hunters must wear bright orange vests and caps.  Residents venturing onto crown land or private property during hunting season are advised to dress similarly.
At dusk, normally bright colours such as red and green can appear brown and are not recommended. Similarly, white hats and scarves can be mistaken for raised tail flash of a fleeing deer.
This advice applies to four-legged nature lovers as well. Bill Murch, spokesperson for the Ministry of Natural Resources, said bright orange scarves for dogs, and rump blankets for horses, should be used.
Fall is mating season for the deer, and as crops are gathered they become more active and visible in wooded areas.
Deer hunting with muzzle loaders and shotguns is permitted in Welland, West Lincoln and Pelham from Nov. 1-7, and from Nov.29-Dec. 5.  Hunters are limited to hunting on crown land or private properties. They are permitted to hunt from 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset.
Niagara deer hunters typically operate on private land. Murch stressed the importance of obtaining permission in writing from property owners.
“Get it in writing. That way it’s in hand. Make sure the property owner knows who is on their land,” he said.  In return, hunters should respect their host. “They can act as the eyes and ears for the property owner, and make sure nothing untoward happens.”

This article is for personal use only courtesy of NiagaraThisWeek.com
– a division of Metroland Media Group Ltd.

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i adore the fog here;
it was visible @ 0359h,
but by 05xxh i couldn’t even see across the street!

it’s like magic…

1830h …the young-woman newcaster on CHCH just called it ‘creepY’ and ‘Hallowe’en-Y’

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circa 2010-11-09

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