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FROM: the other side 2004-10-24;
seen in (I Picked You/) The Positive Side of Life, Stress Management;
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We could learn a lot from crayons…
some are sharp, some are pretty, and some are dull.
Some have weird names, and all are different colours,
but they all exist very nicely (have to live) in the same box.





Thanks to DS, PC, FS, PH, LRS and DEG


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I was wary that this might be ‘wacky’,
so it took me two tries to ‘get into’ this,
but once I did I REALLY enjoyed it!

Does anyone else remember being fascinated by Minoan culture circa Grade Six (??) Social Studies?

This posits that Minoan Crete WAS Atlantis.
I’ll have to find more!

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FROM: 2007-03-12

…HIGHLY recommendED for anyone interested in Ontario and Canadian history…

AMERICAN story-teller Steve Earle even wrote a song about it (lyrics).

There’s lots on the Donnelly family here:

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bee sting

A bloody bee stung me yesterday – INSIDE!
The little b*st*rd flew well up UNDER my [over-sized] shirt while i was washing.
T’was the SECOND bee found inside [this week]
I’ve had zillions of bees around me outside in all my years of organic gardening and NEVER been stung before.

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book covers

It USED to be frustrating searching for pix of older book covers; then I found LibraryThing;
just wish I’d discovered it earlier!

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I guess it’s been longer than I though since I read Oates, for it took me a wee while to immerse myself in her stream-of-consciousness.

Left a lasting impression; hope I unearth more of her novels soon.

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Lost Gods

by John Allegro

I very much enjoyed this,
especially the first part
[as I’m an armchair archaeologist]

I will definitely look for his other works

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