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just discovered the ‘Spam’ category
apologies for not getting back to you

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These creatures have always fascinated me



 VAMPIRE  – The Complete  Guide to
 the  World of the Undead

 by Manuella Dunn Mascetti

 One of the most beautiful books I
 possess, including photography by 
 Simon Marsden

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FROM: 2003-09-23;  AKA: Pampurred

With apologies to all the straight men in my life…
I know you were hoping for something else!

Thanks to SmS; also seen in a static version from MapZ

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Money Fairy

FROM: 2007-10-02; AKA: catch the $100 dollar bill;
Come on Millionaire Life; Holy Crap It Worked; Money Angel;
Need one of these; Woohoo, we’re going to be rich-why not;
Your Angel…Just in Case

This is a money angel. 

Pass this on to 6 of your good friends, or family and be rich in 4 days. Pass this on to 12 of your good friends or family and be rich in 2 days.
I am not joking.  You will find an unexpected windfall.
If you delete it, you will beg/never know!  Trust me!  Good Luck!!



Thanks to PH, RR, MZ and SS

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FROM: food 2003-07-10

If corn oil is made from corn,
and vegetable oil is made from vegetables…
what is baby oil made from? 

Quip thanks to SmS, MjD, J&B, MapZ and PH;
cartoon thanks to J&B, JFW and…

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nice bum

moved HERE

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