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FROM: 2003-08-26

Do you ever feel like doing this to someone?




Thanks to LST…and PH


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there were flurries starting yesterday afternoon,
and this morning I awoke to snow,
visible before dawn, carpeting everything.

that snow, still white, is glistening in the sunshine

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Thanks to J&B and JC

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walking the world

FROM: 2006-03-31;
this link sent 2010-01-25

This woman is walking the world for Breast Cancer. Say a prayer for all those who are affected by this terrible disease. Please pass her on so that she can reach her destination.

Thanks to LST, MZ and PH

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 but while we’re here we should dance!

FROM: Let’s Dance 2007-04-26;
thanks to MjS, DEG,
SmS  (A little church humor for you)
RM (Dance to life)
and hDM (Today is International Disturbed People Day);

one-liner and gif sent as e-mail Thu 2014-06-26 3:48 AM

I STILL mourn for John Candy;

the amazing-ly talented Jim Carrey has become my favourite LIVING comedian

Life may not be the party we hoped for…
but while we’re here
we might as well dance!


Thanks to PH and SS



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Thanks to LST…

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Thanks to SS and WL

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