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how ironic to see the Canadian flag in the foreground!
this is those Yankees protesting in D.C. yesterday
Socialists? COMMUNists? NAZIS?

the mall

The media love to quote the number of UN-insured,
but my pet peeve is that the majority of Americans are UNDER-insured.

I guess THEY (those above) can all afford, e.g., years of haemodialysis, and heart transplant operations, and no one in THEIR families will ever need life-long mental health care,  OR…

The measure of a country’s greatness should be based on how well it cares for its most vulnerable populations. – Mahatma Gandhi


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Winking Baby I

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FROM…life is short.pps; also seen in… 2005-09-11

I just want to party!

kittens dance

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Thanks to SS…

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especially for MjS


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I believe in dragons, good men and
OTHER mythological creatures.

Joke thanks to DMS; illustration thanks to MjS

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friends2004-12-12-ANIM PH

…or sometimes slightly scrambled!



send this positive little thing
to people that you want to have a sunny-side up day!



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THIS version from 2007-08-06 also thanks to PH

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G’Day eh II

FROM: Animals of Africa…2005-04-28;
especially for D.E.G.

giraffe-MZ mod

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